If there was an exciting formula that would guarantee that you would have a better month than you had last month – that would guarantee beyond a doubt that you’d have a healthier, happier more enjoyable year – one that would guarantee prosperity, you’d probably want to know how to do it, wouldn’t you? Say “Yes” – anyway.

I warn you that It is so simple a formula that it will be ignored by most. Nevertheless, here it is.

It is to raise any situation to your positive creative level – and don’t ever allow any situation to control you. Learn to see the good in any and every situation, regardless of the severity of your lesson. Remember, that the stars shine brightest when the night is darkest and the kits fly against the wind.

And, that’s what positive thinking is really all about. It’s not thinking that everything will always go your way or the need to see the world through rose-colored glasses. You are going to run into some tough situations and challenges in your life – we all do – but you must keep them in perspective and don’t let them pull you down to the gutter. How you react its after all – your choice.

sailing man reading tablet computer on boat with modern technoloYour job is to pick yourself up to a positive creative level in order to make things happen the way you want to – and to use your control power to consciously choose the thoughts you want to think.

When someone asks you how you feel, or what kind of day are you having – you always say terrific! Not, “all-right” or “okay” with a whiney, dragged out and sad voice. First, no one really cares (a hard lesson to be learned). Secondly, you embarrass them and cause them to ask you ‘What’s wrong.” Thirdly, exactly what is it that you are selling? Why are you sympathy seeking? Exactly why are you asking them to feel sorry for you?

It just makes you look and feel weak! It causes others to think less of you and it trains your own mind to see you as less than you could be. Instead, I want you to take the monkey of Mother, Father, Teacher, Preacher (MFTP) pre-programming off you back. I want you to consciously decide to be different, to be unique, to be part of the top 20% in life, to be a winner.

There is a way for you to be reminded everyday as to which attitude you choose to select for the day. And, that is when people come up to you and say, “Good morning, how are you?” Now, what’s the normal average response? That’s right – 80% will say (whining), F-I-N-E H-O-W A-R-E Y-O-U?

That standard response gets so bad and habitual that if someone walked up to you and said, “My wife died this morning” – the automatic response would probably be “F-I-N-E H-O-W A-R-E Y-O-U?”

Worse than that, I hate the type that when you say good morning, how are you? – they say (with a sad face and pouting lip, of course) “I have one of the worst headaches ever…blah, blah, blah, blah!

Not you! From now on when anyone, anywhere, says to you, “Good morning, how are you?” “Good afternoon, how is your day going?” “Good evening, wasn’t this a great day?” – you are just going to see that choice plastered right up there on your forehead. And, it is saying, Good morning, which attitude do you choose to display today?” And, you are going to respond with on single enthusiastic word “TERRIFIC!”

carefree happy sailing man portrait of mature retired man on oce On, come on Larry, we’re adults. Do you mean to say that I have to say that little cheerleading cliché and that if I do it, it will help me have a good day and set my mood. Yes – exactly!

Let me explain. Your conscious mind is like a captain on the bridge of a ship. The captain looks out across the horizon and says – “all clear, full steam ahead!”

And, the man in the engine room socks the power to it and it is full steam ahead.

They automatically implement the orders call down from the bridge. And, likewise your subconscious mind begins to implement the orders that you consciously give it when you awaken every morning. If your first thought is purposely positive and it is followed by a solid affirmation, it automatically starts to program you for a good day – or week or month, etc.

It’s the ACT AS IF principle. You act as if you are healthy, you act as if you are happy, you act as if you are successful and pretty soon you begin to become that way.

A client once said to me – Aw come on! If I’m not sincerely happy and enthusiastic, I’m no going to put on a false air and act like I am. In retort I said that I would rather be around someone who was acting like they were happy and enthusiastic, than be a sincere idiot whose internal goal is to tear him or herself down and take me down with them. Wouldn’t you?

The key is to Fake it ‘til you make it! Practice forming good habits and simply remember that success is a habit and so is failure. It’s your choice!


Larry MarksonDr. Larry Markson is the Personal Empowerment, Practice & Business Success and Prosperity Coach to over 100,000 people for the past 27 years. He has devoted his professional life to helping others transform their thoughts, actions and feelings until they are able to experience the fulfillment of their life’s goals.
He believes that your business, practice and/or your personal life are waiting for a leader (YOU) to show up and that, “Who you are ‘inside-the-skin’ determines how well what you do works.”