How fortunate I’ve been to have the opportunity to be exposed to so many influential and articulate people in the chiropractic profession over the last few decades. How fortunate that we, as a profession, not only still have such brilliant voices representing the chiropractic story, but that they’re growing in number. We’re showing up, using the messages we’ve been given and making them ours; standing on the shoulders of giants, keeping the flame alive.

Most recently, I attended a League of Chiropractic Women Philosophy Night and that Saturday event was immediately followed up with the Chiropractic Summit hosted online by Dr Angus Pyke and Dr Tony Rose; going on even as I write to you. When was the last time you listened to one after another after another of your colleagues? The flame grows in us with each one.

I first started working in a chiropractic office in 1989, but didn’t have much of a relationship with the profession until my (current) doctor graduated from Life College (now University) in 1991. Immediately, he enrolled and included me on his mission to change our small part of the world through chiropractic care. Together, we explored the possibilities. We attended seminars, philosophy nights, and celebrations that knit me into a larger family; a people that love me and know my language.

The decades that followed in practice were greatly influenced by incredible voices that we chose to expose ourselves to. Still today, spending a day on the campus at Life University during Fall CE or an afternoon with the LCW in Dr. Sharon Gorman’s office fills my cup and the chiropractic message oozes from my soul. I have to wonder how many doctors are exposing staff to the profession beyond “training”. I know some are. I know too many who aren’t.

Doctors have told me they want more powerful staff, but are teaching them procedure and script rather than engaging them in the life and lifestyle of their profession. We all feel more powerful and show up stronger when we’ve been reminded how important our work is and feel part of a greater whole.

Passion first starts with a little spark of Light. Far too few staff have felt the spark when it gets the rush of fresh air to flame it. Do you keep coming “up for air”? That’s why you’re reading these articles, right? These opportunities for connection to YOUR profession are Life giving. Are you giving that fresh Life to your staff? Passion is IN us all and it is contagious. Please share it.


Values are revealed and recognized as we are being refined. Making choices that are congruent to what we value gives deposits of power and as our personal power increases so does our credibility, believably and personal certainty. Does your staff believe you’re acting from your values and beliefs? What they think about you and your profession speaks louder than any script or procedure.

Flame those fires; in yourself and in your staff. When we are present and connecting, open to being refined through inspiration, challenge and change, our values are what will remain. I’m more deeply rooted in my values because of our profession. I speak with certainty and I’m believable when a parent approaches me on the sideline of a game or at a PTA meeting. I’m grateful to be counted as a credible voice in my community that can be trusted to answer questions about chiropractic and a healthy lifestyle.

Stagnant stinks. It’s time to freshen things up!


OMC-MDLisa Engle is widely known for her passion, dedication and commitment to the chiropractic profession. She is famous for inspiring patients, especially mothers, to connect more fully to the expression of their health potential. With nearly 3 decades of service in the chiropractic profession; integrity, congruence, and “inside out health” is her first language. In turn, she has created a safe, effective, and reflective coaching model for mothers without the judgement, comparison, and overwhelm that often inhibits change and growth for families. To learn more about Lisa’s work or to contact her, please visit or