Jumpstart Your Practice!


JumpStart Program from AMPED on Vimeo.

Students! Want to learn how to get ready to launch in to practice? How are you getting ready to go out and serve in your community?

What is the AMPED Jumpstart Program?

The Jump Start Program is for any chiropractic student or recent graduate that wants to have an above average practice, not just ordinary but extraordinary! This program was designed not just to ensure your success but to help you blast off into practice. The Amped Jump Start is not for everyone, only those people willing to be mentored to success, follow methods that work and truly have a desire to work hard and serve people.


This program was designed by chiropractors who have the fastest growing practices in the history of chiropractic and are still currently serving their communities and continually forging forward for more effective and excellent methods of reaching people for chiropractic.

The Jumpstart Program covers:

  • Time Management
  • 90 day, 60 day, 30 day before you open plan of action.
  • Learn what to focus on in each critical time period.
  • How to do a soft opening to be ready for 75+ new practice members your first week in practice.
  • When and how to do a successful ribbon cutting to get 30+ new practice members.
  • Timing of your grand opening to get 20+ new families to start care.
  • Organizing your first “dinner with doc” for success and designing a plan to create dozens of new practice members a month from dinners.
  • Learn the techniques for spinal screening success, how to set up, run, close new practice members, get deposits, and have new people showing up at your office
  • How to find your location, negotiate a lease with terms that benefit you, build out and design your practice.
  • Open your doors with a vibrant office right from the start.
  • Organize and optimize your time! Know what to do and when, know what to say and when.
  • Time is your most precious commodity! Don’t jeopardize your time.