MeyerDC Partners With Circle of Docs and Gives Exclusive Benefits


As a COD member we are always on the lookout for ways to help you elevate your practice.

One of these is forming partnerships with companies that share the same Chiropractic vision as we do.  When we form a partnership one request that we ask is if the company would be willing to give some of our members a gift.

Some companies give away t-shirts, pens or other assorted trinkets…..

But, our friends over at MeyerDC have exceeded all of our expectations.

Here’s the deal:  When you go to MeyerDC and place your next order use the coupon code COD2016

As a COD Member this code will give you 15% off your entire order and Free ground shipping (excluding tables, Vitamix and Tempurpedic).

Pretty awesome right?

We hope this token of appreciation is well received within our community and we thank MeyerDC for stepping up and helping serve the Chiropractic community.


Meyer DC