MeyerDC Teams Up With Circle of Docs to Bring Best Products to Chiropractic Profession


Meyer DistributionHUDSON, OHIO—Chiropractic supply and equipment distributor MeyerDC™ has entered into a partnership with the Circle of Docs, an online community and knowledge center built by chiropractors Dr. Beau Pierce and Dr. Patrick Gentempo for other chiropractors and healthcare professionals. Both MeyerDC and Circle of Docs are committed to providing DCs, CA’s, Students and Office Staff with broadminded industry knowledge, access to product reviews, practice trends, and more.

“MeyerDC has been a part of the chiropractic community for over 67 years,” said Vice President Steven Copperman, “and we remain as committed as ever in bringing world class service to our customers. We feel very fortunate to work with forward thinkers and industry advocates like Dr. Beau Pierce and Dr. Patrick Gentempo. Our alignment on mission, vision and culture with the COD team has made this an electric combination. Stay tuned for great things to come.”

Circle of Docs was first created as an online study aid for Dr. Pierce and his colleagues while in school at Palmer West, and after graduation he continued to grow the site into a destination for all practitioners across the globe. With Chairman Dr. Gentempo’s preeminence as both a chiropractor and business leader, Dr. Pierce has grown as an invaluable resource for new and seasoned DCs, updated frequently with important information for both their practices and patients’ well beings.

According to Circle of Docs CEO, Dr. Beau Pierce, “This partnership goes well beyond simply trying to provide practitioners with the best products in the Chiropractic profession. We, at Circle of Docs, are excited to align our brand with MeyerDC as they share the same culture, core values, and purpose as ours. ”

In an effort to aid Chiropractors with information on the newest products and equipment, MeyerDC will work closely with Circle of Docs to supply video, podcasts, webinars and content. Educational material and business management tips produced by the two groups will not only help chiropractors expand their practices, but also produce healthy patient outcomes with higher retention rates and favorable treatment plans.

Visit or to learn more about this exciting partnership and to view and download online resources that will benefit your patient satisfaction, as well as your practice’s bottom line.

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