Posture Pump Disc Hydrator Product Review


Our friends over at MeyerDC informed us that they are running a special this month on the Posture Pump (Buy 5 Get One Free), so we asked that they send us one so that we could give it a try and let you know what our experience with it was like.

First Impressions

When we received the box the first thing that we noticed was how substantial and well built this piece of equipment. We in the office have been fans of the Denneroll and other foam based cervical traction units for years, but have never used the Posture Pump.

The plastic blue surround which sits on the floor is ultra stable and provides a significant base for when laying supine.  There is an attached head piece that gets strapped to the top of your forehead and a hand pump to inflate the air bladder where you will be placing your patients cervical region.

Here is a picture of the posture pump.


Here is a video showing you how to fit the device for your patients


When we used it, here is what we discovered:

The first time a patient uses the posture pump we suggest you as the doctor be there to help “fit” them appropriately. We found it very easy to position the patient, secure their cervical region with the straps and then slowly have the patient “pump up” the inflatable bladder.

Our team liked the ability to control how much or how little amount of inflation to put into the device. One question that came up was, “how much air is too much or too little” and the best response is that it is a personalized decision based on the patients comfort level and the doctors prescription.

Laying on the posture pump was reported as “comfortable” compared to other cervical units that we have tried, such as the extension pieces with the head weight over the edge of the table or axial traction with a overhanging door device.

All of our testers reported that they came off the device with ease and reported that their necks felt better, their upper back and traps felt at ease and that they could really see the benefit of using the Posture Pump long term.











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This week the team over at MeyerDC is offering a special on the Posture Pump that will run until Feb 28th.  If you purchase 5, then Meyer will give you one FREE.