Do you want to serve more patients in your practice? Have you been looking for an effective way to bring new patients to your practice?  Ever pondered the idea of putting on a “dinner with the doc”? The Dynamic Dinner With the Doc may be the right program for you.

If at first the thought of buying dinner for 30 people seems daunting,  let me share with you some stats by the creator of this program, Dr. Chris Zaino.

  • Dr. Zaino has one of the largest practices in the U.S.
  • His office routinely serves over 2,000 patient visits PER WEEK
  • His practice is 100% cash
  • He only has ONE Marketing program….THIS PROGRAM!

The Dynamic Dinner With the Doc was born out of the Zaino Experience, where he takes a small group of docs and allows them to shadow him and his family for a week; while he teaches them everything he does on a day to day basis in and outside his practice.   This program, The Dynamic Dinner, is his solution for marketing in his practice…. and thats it!  He doesn’t do expensive mailing programs, cold calls or spinal screening events.  Just dinner talks!

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Ok, lets take a look at the program and what it entails:


The program is broken down into 3 sections: Doctors, Staff, and Paperwork.

Doctors:  This video based training shows you EXACTLY what to do concerning the dinner talks.   These 9 VIDEOS walk you through everything, including TWO full length talks where Dr. Zaino shows you the exact script to say, how to deliver the message, and how to set appointments. He also gives you all the audios that you need, so you can re-listen to his talks while you are out on a run or driving into work.

He not only shows you WHAT to say,  but HOW to say it.  In my opinion the best part of these videos is that not only does he allow you to “watch him in action” but he also shows you how to pre-frame long term wellness care.


Staff:  Get your staff ready to train!   When I first saw this program I thought it would be nothing more than watching Dr. Zaino give his talks ( which would easily be worth the price of the program in itself), but what he does in this next section is amazing!   He empowers his staff to teach you to replicate his systems in your office.  In these videos his staff gives you everything needed to prepare for these dinner talks, how to communicate with patients and then how to follow up after.

If you are a doctor who is concerned that your staff may not “get it” or “be onboard”, then let me put your mind at ease…. this program is dead simple!  All you have to do is watch it and apply.  Not only this, but his staff has prepared all the forms, checklists, and paperwork for you.


A very nice thing that is included in this program are the last three modules of the Staff training called; Corrective Care Plan, Fundraisers, and Lifetime Patients.  These videos show how Dr. Zainos staff work with your patients, how they present care plans and all the ‘framing’ that is needed for maximum compliance.


The Paperwork:  19 Different scripts that Dr. Zaino and his staff use on a day to day basis.  Everything from the actual dinner talk scripts, care plan scripts, lifetime wellness scripts, patient symptom survey scripts, etc is all covered.   I have been through multiple of courses/seminars and to get access to these scripts would cost an average of 3-5K just for this part alone.




Pro’s: This program is MEATY, and I mean that in a great way.  When we first got our hands on this product we thought it would just be a video of Dr. Zaino giving his lecture at a local Olive Garden and that we were going to be taking notes. But we were pleasantly surprised.

One can tell that this program has been very well thought out and encompasses the entire “Dinner with the Doc” experience.  Not only does it train the doctor what to say and do, but also and more importantly the staff.

Lastly, the way his team packages everything up and includes all the paperwork for you to utilize is over the top!


Con’s:  The only thing that I can think of that would be a Con would be the plethora of time it will take to get through this information.  If you are considering buying this program and trying to plan a dinner with the doc next week, then you will have ALOT of work to do with your staff.  I like the way he breaks things down into chunks, but you will definitely need to invest some time by yourself and with your staff to ensure you are a success.


If you would like to learn more about Dynamic Dinner With the Doc

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