Pss, Pass the Notes


Back in school when I was at  Palmer West students had a  “secret” way of sharing class notes.  At the start of every new semester your “class representative” would cozy up to a student in the semester above and beg for their notes. Occasionally these pesky students would not give up their golden treasures or sometimes they would make the begging class below do some incredulous activity.

If your elusive class rep was successful at retrieving notes then it was free beers for them that night for being the unsung hero for the rest of the class.

Friends Drinking BeerSo, when Circle of Docs version 1 started it was no wonder that these students took to it immediately and established a note sharing group to distribute class notes and national board preparation materials.

In the rebuild of the new site our team remembered those students and made incredible improvements to this portion of the platform.

Now, not only will students be able to share notes to others in their class, but also internationally. And to do one better, there is a built in rating system for each piece of uploaded media that is submitted to help you get the best study materials to aide in your education.

[quote_center]Check out the Downloads area to upload and download Class Notes.[/quote_center]

Will it not be great to be in the USA and collaborate with a student in Europe over a difficult subject?

To help our starving students out we have added in little incentives along the way. If you are one to take incredible notes and upload them, then expect things like Ipads, Macbooks, and other gear to occasionally surprise you at your apartment doorstep.

(We do appreciate you students who take magnificient notes for the rest of us).

Go to NOTES section, browse, comment, rate and share.

We believe that the future of chiropractic lies within our students and we want to support them. Every student across the world should be afforded the opportunity to learn from each other, Circle of Docs is now making that a reality.