Reggie Gold Original Chiropractic Lay Lecture – Part 2


Want some great quotes from Reggie Gold? Here are some that we found that were originally posted over at Rockstar Chiropractic

Check these out!

“People are not resistant to new ideas as long as the new ideas fit into their old way of thinking.”

“The milk of magnesia doesn’t move the bowels, the bowels move the milk of magnesia because it is a poison.”

“The average American thinks that health is being able to walk down the street in a 5 mph wind and not falling on his face.”

“You’ve got to be a little cracked to let the light in.”

“Disease is the hole that is left when health is taken away.”

“The man who lives for material gain as a goal for success, always dies a failure.”

On accreditation, “If the price of recognition is to conform to the majority that are wrong, then I want no recognition.”

On communication, “What you say is not important, what the person hears is.”

“What you say will never be heard if it is drowned out by what you do.”

“People are like cooked spaghetti. They can be pulled but not pushed.”

“The most damaging lie is that freedom of symptoms means health.”

“There is an innate awareness of every innate need.”

“The brain and spinal cord don’t run the body. A corpse has a brain and spinal cord.”

“The difference between Chiropractic and everything else is not what we think, it is how we think.”

“We will accept anything that is consistent with our philosophy even though it’s not part of it.”