Return to Work After Two Years of Total Disability: A Case Report


Return to Work After Two Years  of Total Disability: A Case Report

Murphy DR, Rosenblum A

Rhode Island Spine Center,
600 Pawtucket Avenue,
Pawtucket, RI, 02860, USA

Background:   Little is specifically written regarding the details of clinical interventions with workers with chronic spinal pain. Specifically, the individual thought process behind the management of an injured worker is not often discussed except in clinical conferences or discussions with other clinicians. It is well known that once an injured worker is disabled from work for 2 years, successful return is unlikely. We thought it would be informative to illustrate the clinical approach we took with this case because of the history of long term pain and disability.

Methods:   This paper describes the conservative management of a patient who was disabled from work for 2 years, using an integrated approach including chiropractic manipulation, pain education, restricted duty and clear communications among all parties involved.

Results:   After 15 weeks, the patient returned to her previous occupation as a nurse, first part time, and subsequently full time.

Conclusion:   This report is provided to illustrate a systematic approach diagnosis and treatment to assist this injured workers return to work. This case illustrates that even after 2 years successful return to work can be achieved.