Maria Luchsinger, teacher and author of the Sammy the Centipede book series, wrote Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Chiropractor as the first book in the series about 20 years ago.

12417767_1033568173355806_8602254624271810131_nShe wrote it because one of her daughters had asthma like symptoms and had been taking antibiotics. The medical doctors had also suggested inhaler medication.
I would lay awake at night listening to her shallow breathing and it really concerned me.”   Maria had been to a chiropractor but had not considered taking her daughter as she was about 7 years old.   At the suggestion of her Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Hurst, she brought her daughter in for adjustments.

I noticed a definite difference. Her lungs cleared and she did not need medication.” Maria was so excited about the experience she felt the need to let other families know about the great results.


The book made it from her notebook to publication in 2013. Since then it has been featured in Chiroeconomics Magazine as the product of the week and is available on as well as her web site at

To round out family wellness education, Maria has written Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Market – introducing children to nutrition and a balanced diet (also in Spanish), Sammy the Centipede Gets Fit – encouraging family fitness, and Sammy the Centipede Goes to the Dentist – introducing children to dental care.

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