Singing a New Tune Within Chiropractic


Want to hear how to stun a crowd with a incredible voice and talent?

Here’s the story of Sarah Fulco from Palmer West. Needless to say, but when she opens her clinic if she is half a good of a doctor as she is as a singer, she is set to break records!


When you grow up in the glow of the bright lights of Las Vegas, and are blessed with an operatic voice that wows audiences in performances of classic arias, your life seems destined for stage and stardom.

Sarah Fulco, however, discovered that her true calling in life was intended for a bigger stage, in a role that will enable her to shine brighter. She’s now singing a new tune as a chiropractic student at Palmer College’s San Jose Campus.

Sarah graduated with her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance-opera from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2011. “While pursuing a career in opera performance, I developed some health issues, and when I was rejected numerous times, I realized that was not the path for me,” she says.

“I realize now that I was never fully committed to my career path in opera, because I knew I could never feel fully passionate about something so self-involved, without giving ‘helping hands’ to others.”

Selecting a chiropractic college was much easier than changing her career path. “Choosing Palmer College of Chiropractic was the easiest part of me changing career paths, because it is, hands-down, the best school overall,” says Sarah.

“The College’s statement of maintaining a ‘sustained commitment to excellence and continual improvement’ demonstrates to me that Palmer is not afraid of change, and embraces a way of health care to help me stay at the forefront of my field and help me develop professional and entrepreneurial skills along with strong clinical skills.”

Sarah stepped onto the stage for the first time in three years to participate in the 2014 “Chiropractic’s Got Talent!” event, where she delivered a vocal performance that left the audience and panel of judges in equal awe. She earning top honors at the international competition, which included the first-place award of $15,000!

Now she’s looking forward to the day she steps on to an even-bigger stage — to receive her Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree when she graduates in 2016.

“My journey into chiropractic did not come from a single moment or experience, but rather has been accumulating over my entire life,” Sarah says. “The chiropractic approach to health and wellness is the ‘something’ I have been searching for long and hard.”


Source: Palmer College of Chiropractic West