Stop Speaking ABOUT a Subluxation TO a Person and Start Speaking TO a Person WITH a Subluxation.


I receive many calls from Chiropractors all over the country who have been with different management groups. I realize many management groups are all different variations of the same thing. The different variations are dependent upon the personality of the founder(s) communicating traditional chiropractic. What does this mean? Although there is benefit from every group, they all teach us to speak ABOUT a subluxation TO a person rather than speaking TO a person WITH a subluxation.

Truthfully speaking a subluxation, whether globally subluxated by posture or segmentally within an abnormal curve, a subluxation is still a FACT. Since the general public does not typically see a subluxated posture as a life or death decision like cancer, which they are familiar with, it is up to us, chiropractors, to help them see this fact.   The question is, “How do we help patients FEEL the same URGENCY about a subluxated spine and posture as they would cancer?” postureperfect1

     The challenge is people make decisions according to how they FEEL, not what they think. Showing a patient an x-ray and telling them ABOUT a subluxation does not create the urgency or the understanding of a life or death decision. Do you know how your patients FEEL about their condition? Do you ask?

A person WITH a subluxated posture is an emotional being. Speak TO that individual and understand how they FEEL with a condition that will threaten their life. First of all, DO YOU BELIEVE IT WILL THREATEN THEIR LIFE! They will believe proportional to the amount you are convicted to your belief. An example of speaking TO a person WITH a subluxation is, “Mrs. Jones, how do you FEEL that you’ve lost the curves in your spine causing extreme stress and tension on the spinal cord shutting down the energy to your organs progressively weakening your immune system, your digestive tract, reproductive organs and slowing your metabolism? In fact, your body is aging faster every day as your spine continues to collapse? How does that make you FEEL?” It is the FEELING that will inspire her to commit. You would then ask her spouse, “Mr. Jones, how do you FEEL knowing your wife’s metabolism is getting weaker every day as her weakened spine and posture collapses? She is wearing her body out? How does that make you FEEL?” His answer regarding his emotion is the key to his commitment to help his wife. ALWAYS use the spouse’s feelings to influence patient commitment.

Portrait of happy traveler girl with raised up hands enjoying su  Since people are emotional beings making decisions from an emotional perspective, we need to learn advanced communication to speak to different types of personalities and emotions regarding their OVERALL health, NOT arthritis or their PAIN. Speaking about arthritis is a condition with NO urgency, they have time. Speaking to their emotions about their pain is very temporary. When their pain is gone, so is their emotional attachment. Many management groups attempt to build value on these two conditions. Both will lead to some people walking out of your office. [quote_right]We must think BIGGER and help people see their ORGAN health from an emotional perspective.      [/quote_right]

Have you ever noticed in your Report Of Findings the patients you resonate with always sign up vs. the patients you don’t know how to connect with almost never sign up? This is a personality dependent practice and will keep you a prisoner of your practice.

Do you know how to communicate with a victim, someone who is hopeless, someone who always has to be right, someone who doesn’t like chiropractors, a timid person vs. a AA, CEO personality, etc. These are all examples of different types of emotions people walk in your office with that may not be committing to your care because you have not been trained how to communicate effectively with them. Speaking ABOUT a subluxation to these people may not work and they walk out of your office. In reality, they deserve to live a subluxation free life too.

Communication training applied to Chiropractic will shift your whole perspective on your practice and your success. When you learn how to deal with people’s emotional state their commitment level to your care will jump through the ROOF! Call about the Elite Coaching Advanced Communication Training Boot Camps. They are guaranteed to open your eyes to a whole new level of purpose, practice and vision for your practice.


Fred DiDomenicoDr. Fred DiDomenico

Over the course of 14 years Dr. Fred DiDomenico opened four successful spinal corrective chiropractic practices in three states treating over 500 to 700 patients a week. He now owns and operates Elite Chiropractic Coaching.