All of a sudden it hits you… the blood sugar crash! You know, the one accompanied by headaches, stomach aches, mood swings… and just like that it’s snack time!

Choosing “something” to fill that void between meals is not always a conscious act. Snacking often occurs out of habit, or a desire to satisfy a craving. Proper snacking should be planned for to avoid blood sugar crashes, cravings or being put in a position to make a poor choice.

Preparing snacks ahead of time makes it easier and there are so many nutrient dense, satiating foods to choose from.

So here’s my Top Four.

1. Grainless Crackers



2. Crunchy Granola



3. Spiced Olives


4. Awesome Eggs

Awesome Eggs

Any whole foods like raw veggies and most raw fruits are great additions to this list.

If you choose something “packaged” make sure to read your labels. Look for items with minimal ingredients, preferably organic & GMO free. You should be able to understand and pronounce all ingredients. If you don’t recognize an ingredient, your body won’t either!

Be sure to avoid refined flour and sugar. If you are taking in fruits, consider the amount of naturally occurring fructose and limit to 25 grams/day to maintain a healthy weight.

Hydrate before you snack. Often times being under-hydrated is perceived as hunger. Room temperature or warm water with a slice of lemon promotes healthy digestion.

Another great beverage is Kombucha, a fermented tea with excellent probiotic qualities to help maintain a healthy gut.

Proper snacking is essential to healing the body from the inside out.


And that my friends is La Bella Verita!


MKMichelle Keyes, is a degree educator and empowered stay at home mom. She has always enjoyed cooking, but after her son was diagnosed with a malignant cancer, she made healthy eating and living her life’s mission. Michelle is a spark and shines wherever she goes. The community at large now benefits from her passion:


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