By Dr. Matthew Loop

The average OBGYN pays anywhere from $85,000 to $200,000 per year in malpractice insurance. Why is this? Have you ever witnessed a traditional medical childbirth or C section? A big reason for the astronomical malpractice premium is because of the risk that comes with twisting, yanking, and pulling on a newborn’s neck. This can obviously cause severe muscular or neurological damage.

Now, if we review what the average chiropractor pays in malpractice each year it’s under $2,000. These numbers don’t fall out of the sky. Insurance companies do their analysis and look at the historical risk plus claims filed then assess the potential for injury.

Whenever I hear the mainstream media say chiropractors shouldn’t adjust babies because it’s dangerous, I know this is propaganda. It’s a baseless claim. Malpractice statistics do not back up what talking head TV physicians and mindless repeaters say. It’s fear mongering by the AMA and their overlords in the pharmaceutical industry to try and kill the credibility of our profession and to destroy the self-esteem of the practicing chiro.

Notice how the media uses the word “manipulate” instead of adjust, too. It’s very strategic so they can plant seeds of skepticism and distrust in the minds of the masses.

While some things have changed since 1987 when the famous Wilk vs. AMA federal court case made headlines, other things have not. The attacks are even more covert now.



To review history if you’re not aware…

Evidence at the Wilk / AMA trial showed that the defendants took active steps, often concealed, to undermine chiropractic educational institutions, hide evidence of the usefulness of chiropractic care, undercut insurance programs for patients of chiropractors, subvert government inquiries into the efficacy of chiropractic, engage in a massive disinformation campaign to discredit and destabilize the chiropractic profession, and engaged in numerous other activities to maintain a medical physician monopoly over health care in this country.

On August 27, 1987, the judge issued a 101-page opinion finding the AMA guilty of long-term wrongdoing and illegally attempting to eliminate the chiropractic profession. In September of 1987, the judge issued a permanent injunction against the AMA and all of its members from ever trying to destroy our profession through such an illegal boycott again.

On February 7, 1990, the Court of Appeals found the AMA guilty. On November 26, 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the trial court and the Court of Appeals’ finding. In January of 1992, the final settlement took place between the AMA and the plaintiffs to complete all terms of the court order, thus ending one of the longest antitrust legal battles in the history of this country.

So, next time you see a mainstream hit piece questioning or supposedly debunking the science, art, or philosophy of chiropractic don’t be fooled. The powers that be do not want a population of critically analytical people who avoid drugs and address the cause of health problems. They want you sedated, in the dark, and dependent on the system so you’re easier to control.

Getting back to my original point.

If you understand how traumatic the hospital birthing process can be, the intelligent AND responsible thing to do is to have a chiropractor check your newborn’s neck after. This is a gentle and painless procedure. In the event a misalignment is detected the doc can use a light pressure to gently correct the issue.

Chiropractors don’t manipulate baby’s necks like what haters and uneducated people like to say. Watch the conventional medical approach to the birthing process then you’ll see what manipulation, yanking, and twisting really looks like. This is not a blanket statement by the way. Not all OBGYN’s are quick to cut or use forceful procedures.

Those were just some of my thoughts today.

It’s important to share a bit of perspective especially after an incredibly slanted article I read this week by a woman who claims she’s all about science and insists she’s a babe. Neither of those things are true.

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