The #1 Reason You are a Chiropractor and Not a Medical Doctor


ChiropractorHave you ever taken the time to really think about why you became a Chiropractor and not a Medical Doctor? For some students who are considering career paths this may be a question that they are debating. I venture to wonder how many doctors in the field today who may have never really asked themselves this question.

BEauPicTo start, please let me tell you why I chose Chiropractic and not to become a medical doctor.

As a disclaimer, I grew up in a chiropractic family. My father is a chiropractor (still practicing full time after 33 years) and I grew up getting adjusted frequently. I believe I had the typical American upbringing; lived on a street with 10 other kids,  played sports every night well past dark, and rubbed dirt on any bloody elbows I received when I wrecked my big wheel while racing the chalk outlined course through our neighborhood.

As a sophomore in high school I had my first major dealings with the medical community when I had a season ending football injury:  I tore my right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus and had to have reconstructive surgery.

During the entire surgery/rehab and “recovery process” I was enthralled. To say the least, I was hooked on medicine… or so I thought.

After surgery and rehab I went on to play the next year and I thought I knew what my future career path was going to be: I was going to be an orthopedic surgeon.

I did well in school, excelled in football and was lucky enough to land a football scholarship after one year at a local junior college to San Jose State. It wasn’t until I went away for that initial fall training camp that I found out that people didn’t get adjusted every couple of weeks. (Weird right?)

Luckily, after a few weeks I talked with our trainer and they found a local chiropractor, Dr. Chevalier, who came on to help care for my team.


As the story progresses, when my football days were over I was preparing to go to med school when I decided to go to an orthopedic conference and learn more about my future career path.

To say the least, I was disappointed…and not because of the medicine.  At the time I did not really understand why I was disappointed, I just remember walking away thinking, “these people do not live the same lifestyle as me. The way they approach life, health and what they want out of their careers is different than myself.”

Little did I know, I was starting to plant my philosophical roots and mine differed from my then,  medical friends.

I walked away questioning medicine and the people who were involved in it. Most of the doctors I met at that conference were overweight, smoked like a chimney, were on to their third wives, and hated the profession that they chose.  Most didn’t even like the services they provided to their patients.

I knew I wanted more!  I wanted to feel alive, to help others, and to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.



The next week on the phone with my dad he casually mentioned that I should attend the next chiropractic conference with him.   Normally, I would have declined ( like I had done numerous times before), but coming off the disappointment from the previous experience I thought the least I could do was go and see what this whole “Chiropractic career” was about.

He giddily accepted and said, “I think you might be surprised with what you discover.”

Two weeks later we landed in Las Vegas and my first Parker Seminars.

The moment I walked through the door I was met by Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. He shook my hand, looked me in the eye, welcomed me to Parker and Chiropractic. Then he gave me a big welcoming hug. I’ll never forgot it, because for one; how many strangers just walk up to you and give you a hug, and two; because he had this energy about him that radiated health.  I am sure he doesn’t remember that hug ( Fab is the ‘ultimate hug’) but it made a huge impression on me.

As I walked through the venue I could literally palpate the electricity in the room.  Healthy, energetic people everywhere I looked.  Beautiful vibrant faces, welcoming smiles and high fives all around. You could sense that people in this room were here for something different than just another seminar…. they were here to learn how to elevate life!

As I went and listened to varying lectures, I had a chance to meet Dr. Larry Markson and he shared with me why I should consider Chiropractic.  He talked about this thing called innate intelligence and that our bodies are extremely powerful and have the ability to heal oneself.

He shared his journey in the profession and gave me hope in that if I chose to become a Chiropractor I could train to have the ability to help others not only survive but thrive. I could sense his deep rooted philosophy in life and how being a Chiropractor was the best profession in the world to serve people and share the true message of wellness.

I wanted to be a part of that!

Looking back now, I can understand why I wanted to be a Chiropractor and it had nothing to do drugs and surgery, but the Philosophy of Chiropractic.


Fast forward 10 years and I am now in full time practice and running Circle of Docs.  The same philosophy that was given to me by my father and was ignited at that first Parker seminar still rings true and ever more so today.

I am blessed to have Dr. Gentempo as my mentor and friend. Ten years ago when my mind changed away from the medical path to Chiropractic I knew that I needed to know WHY that the medical conference I attended didn’t “jive” with me.  Now I understand it because of one thing: My Philosophy Formula

But back then I didn’t know what a Philosophy even was, yet alone how to create a formula or a blueprint for living my life by it.

Matter of fact, it wasn’t until a few years back before I went through Dr. Gentempo’s Philosophy Formula that my eyes were opened.

I remember telling Patrick, “How was personal philosophy never taught in Chiropractic school? Yes, we learned about the philosophy of our chiropractic forefathers, but never were we allowed to formulate our own thoughts and procedures.”  I was never told any of this ‘philosophy formula’ thru school, business training or even while coaching when I started into practice. Why is every DC in the world not privy to this information?”

The Philosophy Formula is not just another weekend course, but a roadmap for the way you should run your life and practice.

roadmapIt is the understanding of how to approach any situation in your life ( from who to marry, how to handle your finances, and how to decide your path in practice).  I told him, “ Every DC, student and person in the Chiropractic profession needs to take this course. What you laid out in this course is EXACTLY why every DC in the world chose Chiropractic and not the medical route.”

The problem that I see today is that most DC’s and students these days have lost grasp of their philosophy.  They have no “formula” in their lives for making decisions and they are not living with purpose. They are bouncing around from one gimmick to the next trying to fill the leaky buckets in their lives.

I promised Dr. Gentempo that the next time he offers to give away his 3 free videos (which over 7,000 docs have already seen) that I wanted to share my story.

Better yet, I said that I would literally hold people down and water board them if they didn’t at least sign up and give a listen.


Doctors,  let this blog post serve as your wake up call to get off the couch and start right now to make a change in the way you are living your life.

Sign up for the 3 Free Videos…. Go All In!  For one time in your career, PLAY BIG and BE the Change that you want to see in your life and community!  Dr. Gentempo has the map to do this.  He has the formula… it’s all here for you, all you need to do is take the first step!


With all this being said, I want to say that I am incredibly blessed to be able to publish content every day to share with you. Our platform is read daily in over 152 different countries, and I am fortunate to have an incredibly supportive family and friends who let me live my passion every day.

Now it’s your turn. Take this opportunity to sign up for the Philosophy Formula. Live on purpose and save the world around you!.    Click below on the picture to sign up.


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Let’s Roll!


Dr. Beau