What is the Best Livestreaming Software for Facebook?

We have you covered!

“Should we be using Facebook Live?”

“How do we use it?”

“What should we be doing on it?”

Sound familiar? Many chiropractors are searching for these answers, and we hear them constantly.

Here at Circle of Docs, we believe that you if you’re going to use live video, then you should be using it to educate your patients, potential patients and community.

The more educated they are the more trust they will have in you and your products or services.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to educate your clients and community using Facebook Live?

No worries, now there is.

Enter Ecamm Live

In this Live video, we are going to show you how you can be educating your audience on Facebook Live like a pro.

What is Ecamm Live?

Ecamm Live is a Mac app with a one-time fee and free lifetime updates. Just like the good old days.

Stream in HD quality with one click, using any connected mic and capture device, including your Canon DSLR. And when your broadcast is done, you’ll find a high-quality recording has already been saved on your Mac.

Seamless Facebook, YouTube and Periscope Integration

Integration means there’s no need to worry about stream keys or complicated set-up steps. Whether you’re streaming to your Facebook business Page or YouTube channel, or scheduling a broadcast in advance, the app takes care of the details.

And once you’re live, you’ll see audience size, comments and reactions showing up right in Ecamm Live.

Stream Anywhere, Anytime

Need to stream to somewhere else? Ecamm Live will save and manage your RTMP stream keys for sites like Twitch and Restream.io.

Your New Broadcasting Studio

Everything’s here, including support for multiple cameras, Blackmagic HDMI capture devices, and Syphon inputs such as your Canon DSLR. A live camera switcher lets you direct the show in real time.

Support for saved scenes means you can compose scenes in advance, complete with on-screen titles and split screens.

Add Up To 5 Skype Guests

Ecamm Live includes our popular Call Recorder plugin, for automatic Skype split-screen interviews.

Simply make a Skype video call, and you’ll see your guests show up as camera sources in Ecamm Live. The guest audio is automatically routed into the broadcast.

Add Overlays For a Pro Look

We’ve made it incredibly easy to add text and graphics such as a company logo, viewer comments and lower third to your livestream. Simply type a title or drag an image or comment into place.

Animations and Countdowns

Ecamm Live even supports animated GIF overlays and countdowns.

Roll Pre-Recorded Video

Ecamm Live streams high-quality live video, but that’s not all. Broadcasting a video file for introductions and pre-recorded segments is as easy as dragging a movie file into the app.

Live Picture-in-Picture

And why stop there? Add a live picture-in-picture to your pre-recorded content. Live and pre-recorded audio is mixed seamlessly.

Share Your Mac Desktop

Livestream your presentations, tutorials and demos with one click.

Add a live picture-in-picture to the broadcast for a personal touch.

Desktop-class features you won’t find anywhere else:


Build an audience by announcing your broadcasts in advance.

Local Recording

Every broadcast is automatically saved to your Mac.

Comments and Reactions

There’s no need to leave the app to see the latest comments from Facebook, YouTube Live, and Periscope.

Professional camera support:


Go live with your camera’s Firewire or i.Link HDV output.

Blackmagic Design

Native support for Blackmagic devices means hassle-free HDMI input.

Canon DSLR

Go live using your Canon DSLR as a video camera for an amazing pro look.

Put on a show:

Screen Sharing

Broadcast your screen, an app or a specific window.

Play Pre-Recorded Videos

Roll video introductions and show pre-recorded clips.


Provide live video commentary as you share your screen or play clips.

Feeling Social?

Live Camera Switching

View all camera feeds and switch instantly.

Skype Guests

Just make a Skype call and Ecamm will take care of the rest.

Split Screen

Show cameras and Skype guests in a split screen or grid view.

Add a finishing touch:

Image Overlays

Add logos, lower-thirds and even animated GIFs.

Text Overlays

Add styled text and countdowns to your broadcast.

Comment Overlays

Promote viewer comments to onscreen overlays with one click.

Want to check out Ecamm for yourself and/or your practice?