We all want a massively successful practice and influence in our community. But how does one make this happen? Is there a formula for growing a wildly successful Chiropractic practice?  What are the ground rules? Where does one start? We decided to ask the leaders and coaches in the profession these exact questions. Here is what they had to say.


Larry MarksonDr. Larry Markson from the Markson Connection

Chiropractors who build huge practices do so because, regardless of their didactic learning or technical skills, have learned that success is “All In Your Head!”  It is more attitudinal than it is actual.  Pure and simple, DC’s with specific core values, a passion to serve humanity, a purpose statement that has to do with helping sick people get well through Chiropractic care, just seem to do better than those who follow a limited mechanistic acute care philosophy.

The winners always have huge concepts and visions and the ability to take massive action steps plus the guts and audacity to communicate a vitalistic natural health message to their patients.  They are the ones who generally grow their practices year after year.  It is PVA that grows practices and allows time for people to get well, and NOT a revolving door of NP’s who are passive participators, before the discontinue.  Success comes FROM you, the practitioner, and not TO you from the outside.  You alone are the magnet and your practice reflects who you are.


Dr. Ogi Ressel Dr. Ogi Ressel from Practice Evolution

As a Practice Coach, I speak with many doctors who have difficulties getting their practices rocking. And most often it has little to do with their skill as a doctor;  most of the time it has to do with their skill as a communicator.  How does one communicate the Vertebral Subluxation construct in such a way that everyone understands it, and more importantly, WANTS  their help?
It seems such a simple thing, an yet countless docs are stymied by it.

I found that doctors need to adopt, what I call PEOPLE-SPEAK. The ability to talk with patients at a Grade VIII level. You see, it’s not important what you know. It is important what THEY know and take away from your office.

I’ve also always believed that, according to C.S. Lewis, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” In other words, the Universe often creates roadblocks and obstacles for you to overcome. The end result is not the destiny; the struggle, however, is. That is the essence which separates the men from the boys!
And it is the very core of your struggle which makes you become worthwhile. So….go ahead and have yourself a crisis. You’ll be priceless at the other end of it.


Dr. Pat GaymanDr. Pat Gayman from AabCoach

A huge practice starts with honest and authentic clarity about WHY you want a huge practice. Or do you? It requires that you have a fierce determination to tell the real truth about chiropractic to as many people as possible even in the face of the widespread belief that we are merely back doctors! Why you want a huge practice will certainly include making money but the overarching reason must be SERVICE! Build your practice one person at a time by approaching everyone you meet by seeking to know how you may be of service to them!

On the practical side there are many, many aspects to a successful practice! Strive for excellence in your chosen technique until it truly becomes an art! Establish clear and consistent procedures so a person making a referral to your practice can be assured of the service that will be given. Treat each person who comes into the practice like you want your mother to be treated! Remember that if you want to be heard you must first listen! Develop a PEP – patient education plan so you can help people embrace the whole new paradigm that healing comes from within and not from pills and potions. Be a health advocate by transferring responsibility from you (you do not need to be a hero) to helping them adopt new ways of thinking and habits of daily life style. Create a strong support team by continually training your staff and acknowledging their good work! Establish an effective marketing plan that will help you become visible in your community! The more people under chiropractic care the better place the world will be. Tell the chiropractic story everywhere you can!


Russ RosenDr. Russ Rosen from Optimal Health Chiropractic System

Docs call us in distress all the time asking how to build a successful practice. They all believe if they just had more new patients all would be fine. And although attracting high quality new patients is essential it is rarely the entire answer. The question we ask is how can you get your patients to HAPPILY stay pay and refer for a lifetime? And the answer is? They need to GET IT! We start with the three pillars and five systems.


The three pillars are:

  1. You must have a congruent belief systems and goals. In essence the first pillar is all about what is right between your ears.
  1. You must have congruent strategies to get you from point A to point B.
  1. You must have continuous right action!

So many doctors never really get clear about who they are and what they really want. They then are like a little puppy chasing their tail. They try this new thing or that new marketing scheme to bring in the all mighty new patients. They never take the time to REALLY clarify this is where I am, this is where I want to get to and this is a congruent strategy that will get me there. And then of course very few doctors stay the course with continuous right action!


Mike TielemansMike Tielemans from Full Circle Coaching and Consulting

Getting absolute crystal clarity about why you do what you do and the amazing value of the products and services you offer is the place to start. Without a strong appreciation and understanding of your WHY ……..  you will produce half hearted attempts at educating people and inviting them into your clinic. If you have not recently written a list of the top 50 reasons people should experience the amazing care you provide in your clinic I suggest you start there.

The next step is to effectively target who your ideal practice member is. Do you have a passion for working with children or the elderly? Is your focus in practice working with athletes or is it working with families. Whatever your focus is know that we live in a Universe of abundance and there are more than enough people out there that want your service. Once you have determined who your target audience is then you need to write out a list of where you can go and find and educate these people to the value of your products and services. This is called PROSPECTING and it can be fun and creative to think of ways to get your message, and an invitation to join you, in front of the right people.

The goal of prospecting is to educate the people in the target audience about the value to them and/or their family of your amazing products and services so that they will “raise their hand” and take action.


Dr Mark PostlesDr Mark Postles from Quest Chiropractic Coaching

When you passionately buy into your philosophy and energetically immerse yourself in your understanding of your science. When you develop and apply bulletproof systems and procedures. When you hone your technical skills and constantly practice them. When you intimately connect with others in their model of the world with full appreciation and acceptance for their unique worldview. When you run your practice as a business and continuously reinvent yourself and your business. When you get yourself and your self-interest out of the way, then you will engender trust with your practice members and make huge deposits into your practice’s bank account of power which will cause it to thrive.


Dr Jay MorganDr. Jay Morgan from Online Practice Support

What does it take to stay on top of this profession, in view and in spite of the enormous challenges we face?  These challenges are too many to number. Economic, insurance, political, internal, and on. What does it take?  One consistent thing rises to the top, and that is extraordinary effort. Setting aside distractions, jumping the road blocks, and not allowing anything to stand in the way of your objectives.  Do you see the connection between extraordinary effort and results in practice?  It’s all about the input in, versus the export out.  I have to wonder what things are not being done in differing offices due to illusions or walls and road blocks that stand in front of doctors and their potential? Do you bust through the walls?  Or let them wall you in?

Too many times, we allow issues, problems, excuses, and a myriad of other things, prevent us from doing the things we need to do to get where we need to get.  Doing nothing is easy.  It is simple to stay on the couch and watch TV. The same applies to Chiropractors. Many find it easier to stay on the practice couch. Find tons of excuses why they can’t make it to the practice gym, and allow all sort of obstacles to become reasons why not.  Just as the top athletes find ways to stay in top shape, exercise and eat right, many times through injury, pain, and inconvenience, top Chiropractors also find ways to stay in top practice shape.


My question to you this week, and I ask you to look deep for an honest answer, is, are you putting in extraordinary effort? Are you ready to build the practice of your dreams?