Long before the champagne celebrations and ski goggles that accompany winning the MLB World Series, the Kansas City Royals dedicated team of trainers, chiropractors and physicians were hard at work caring for their athletes to keep them in top form for the long and grueling 178 games that they had to play to win Major League Baseball’s top prize.

196685One device that the KC Royals utilized on a day-to-day basis that helped their athletes recover faster than ever before was the use of the Multi Radiance Laser technology.

If you are not familiar with the Multi Radiance Laser, you soon will be, as this laser technology is exploding on to the scene in the professional sports arena and is now making headlines in the clinical setting as well.

The core of Multi Radiance’s super pulsed laser technology, which synergistically combines multiple types of therapeutic laser/light and magnetic field, was developed by the Soviet Space Program for the use of cosmonauts in the space. The technology has significantly evolved over the last 20 years and was FDA cleared in 2006. It offers one of the most powerful and safest laser therapy technologies.

MR4ProSportPackage_product_newThe company’s flag ship product – the MR4 Laser Stim is the world’s first FDA cleared combination of laser, neuro-adaptive e-stim and biofeedback TARGET technology. It is designed for clinicians with patients who suffer with chronic pain and pain associated with acute injuries.

The KC Royal’s award winning training staff also proudly lay claim to being the most successful “implementer” in major league baseball, having fully integrated laser technology in all levels of their organization from the majors down to the minor leagues.

The Royals head athletic trainer, Nick Kenney, who is the winner of the 2011 Dick Martin award for best medical staff in baseball and the 2013 PBATS award for the Athletic Training Staff of the Year, had this to say about the laser; “The MR4 laser has become an integral tool in the maintenance and rehabilitation of our players.”

Nick Kenney

One could conclude that this type of therapy combined with consistent chiropractic care could serve as a catalyst for keeping athletes and weekend warriors in peak condition throughout a lifetime of wear and tear.

In addition to rehab, the laser offers many pain relief applications that have had significant research performed showing how the technology is effective in athletic performance enhancement reducing muscle fatigue and the potential of injuries caused by muscle fatigue.

These studies, performed by world renowned researcher Ernesto Leal Junior, Ph.D. PT, over the last 24-month period demonstrate that multi radiance laser therapy speeds up recovery in post athletic activity by 300%.

As Chiropractors we deal with a wide variety of athletes; from the 5 year old soccer sensation to the 89 year old grandfather who plays golf three times a week.

Perhaps we should all take cue from the World Series champions and consider adding laser technology to our practices.

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