The Next Generation of Foam Rollers Has Arrived


It’s no secret that many Chiropractors educate their patients about the importance of foam rolling for injury prevention and rehabilitation. A new foam rolling company, Hyperice, has become very popular in the athletic realm and is now entering into Chiropractic and physical therapy offices around the world.

Meyer DistributionThe benefits of foam rolling are widely known by many people, however few know the reasons behind the value in adding vibration to the equation. To simplify, the body’s muscular system functions as a result of connective tissue that provides a network of support and structure for the body: the fascia.

The fascia in our bodies determines how we move, our perception of pain, our posture and the overall functionality of our muscular system. When our fascia is compressed through the application of pressure from foam rolling, the golgi tendon organs are stimulated which provides an inhibitory effect on the muscle spindles, allowing for better tissue flexibility. This is commonly referred to as myofascial release, which ultimately prevents muscle aches, improves recovery of the muscles, increases physical mobility, flexibility and thereby our performance.

Combining vibration at a certain frequency with the pressure and muscle stimulation from foam rolling, the nervous system is inhibited as the muscle spindle has a difficult time responding to frequency over 30 HZ.  This increases flexibility and range of motion, which should be utilized as part of movement preparation prior to performing a dynamic warm up. Foam rolling and vibration post-activity also helps the muscle recover quicker and improves restoration of the loss of range of motion, which naturally occurs with intense activity.


The VYPER by Hyperice is the first tool that successfully combines high-intensity vibration with a compact outer shell, or “foam” roller, to deliver these optimal results. The VYPER uses a rechargeable high-powered lithium ion battery, (the same type of battery that powers a Tesla), to deliver three different frequency levels through a high-performance air injected (eco-friendly) polypropylene shell. It’s designed to lengthen muscles and increase circulation, helping reduce soreness and stiffness in muscles for better recovery. The VYPER takes the experience of “foam rolling” to another level, and is used by several of the world’s elite professional athletes.


Below is the introductory video of the Vyper when they launched their Kickstarter program:

The Vyper is the second product to come out of Hyperice, which made a name for itself by basically creating a new generation of wearable icepacks that won the hearts and musculature of a bunch of high-profile professional athletes. The Vyper isn’t a cooling device. It’s a deeply ridged and very firm foam roller with a lithium ion powered vibrating mechanism at its core.
Still skeptical about vibration training? A 2011 study found that vibration treatment effectively reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness after weightlifting, and another study found vibration also reduced soreness after downhill runs. A 2014 review of these studies even suggested vibration “improves muscular strength, power development, kinesthetic awareness, decreased muscle sore, increased range of motion, and increased blood flow under the skin.”

The team over at MeyerDC sent Circle of Docs a few Vyper’s to test.  Here is our conclusion:

Pros: This roller is ROCK SOLID!  After using it daily for the past 3 months, it looks and functions just well on Day 90 as it did on Day 1.

The favorite thing that our team found was that its vibrational motion helped to loosen the muscles, make “rolling out” more comfortable, eliminating soreness up to 3x faster than traditional foam rollers, and took less time to warm up muscles than traditional foam rollers.

The second ‘pro’ was the vibrational speeds. It comes standard with three intensities and the ability for the user to turn it up or down with a push of a button proved helpful when moving through various body regions.

With a slew of rollers to choose from; our staff seemed to gravitate and use the Vyper on a daily basis more frequently than any other other foam roller on the market.

Cons:  The biggest con that we can find is the price.  These foam rollers retail at $199 per roller.  That is quite a major price difference from a traditional foam roller which retails in the $30-40 dollar range.

This foam roller is NOT for everyone.  We feel that is roller will best be utilized by sports orientated doctors and patients who are more athletic minded.


Conclusion: If a foam roller is a sword the VYPER is a lightsaber.


If you would like to buy a Vyper at doctor only pricing please visit MeyerDC or click below

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