I continually have doctors call and tell me Chiropractic is not the same now as it was 5 years ago.  I hear them say insurance is far worse.  Patients are more cautious about their money and the effectiveness of your patient education is paramount in your success.  Today, communication that can predictably help patients, “get it,” and transform the way they view their posture and overall health is the key to an ultimately successful present and future in your practice, as well as fulfilling your purpose as a Chiropractor.

Fred DiDomenico As a Chiropractic coach and founder of Elite Coaching, we teach the most advanced communication system that guides patients through a 5 Step Emotional decision making process inspiring them to move from a weakened, unhealthy posture and life filled with pain, ill-health and disease into a life with strong posture, health, inspiration and longevity.   Rather than your corrective care program being the barrier to time and money, it NOW becomes the stepping stone to the life they have a HIGH emotional commitment to live.

I noticed this progressive trend in my 15 years of practice and NOW help doctors create phenomenally successful practices that may bill insurance, yet have EVERY patient paying out of pocket to live the life they desired with a healthy spine and posture.  I applied WELL OVER A DECADE of professional communication and life coaching training to spinal correction that gives you the MOST POWERFUL communication tools to influence and “coach” patients how to leave pain and disease behind for a new life of optimal health with your programs.

Patients will pay you when they trust you on an emotional level.  The financial is about creating a TRUSTING relationship, NOT getting a payment.  You are speaking to them about one of their most treasured valuable commodities, their money.  Have the intent on building a trusting relationship and ANY amount of money will follow. Focus on TRUST FIRST and you will have money.  Focus on money first and you will have NOTHING.  Trust can be immediately built through tone, body language and emotional vocabulary.  This article will show you a 3 step financial consultation ANYONE can deliver leading to building a trusting relationship and predictable payments BEYOND their insurance.

   Step #1:  “Qualify their Commitment.”

ALWAYS write your recommendations when you give them to the patient.  One of the many reasons patients DON’T commit is they, “Don’t understand what they are buying.”  Since over 80% of people learn visually FIRST they must “SEE” what you are recommending.  Also, have them sign the recommendations sheet when they commit to time.  Signing is a human behavior enhancing commitment.  Since they have written and you have reviewed their 20 – 30 year health goals before this step with the patient and spouse, their signatures are REALLY saying they need your program to have the life they envision. They need a written vision with emotional drive to know what they are buying (their life goals) for clarity.  They are NOT buying your program. They are buying THEIR LIFE!

When the patient hands your financial CA the recommendation sheet, she says, “By your signatures you are saying you are 100% committed to the program and are willing to follow EVERY step the doctor has designed to live the life you both are committed to.  _________ (spouse) you are committed to supporting _________ (patient) through every step.  Correct?”  Look for 100% agreement in tone, body language and words. They ALL MUST match.  When the financial CA is convinced she/he can move to Step 2 or handle objections.

Step #2:  “Show them WHY paying TODAY is the best plan.”hands giving a christmas gift

View their payment for their program as a gift.  When THEY see the value they are getting for putting the financial behind them today in order to focus on the program and recovering their health based on the value THEY have for the relationship and your service, they will jump at the opportunity to pay you NOW.  Using tone, body language and emotional vocabulary, you can open their eyes to a NEW value of the uncovered services you may give them, the importance of EVERY step of the program and invite them to see how much you CARE for them.  People don’t care what you KNOW they want to know how much you CARE.  Build a TRUSTING relationship, show them you CARE with tone, body language and emotional vocabulary and people will be inspired to follow you and PAY!

Step #3:  “Find Resources.”

      How THEY view the financial will be determined by how YOU view it. Do you look at your program as an investment in their health for the rest of their life?   Many patients are debating if they have the money for your program in their bank account. They are not looking at your corrective program as a lifetime investment.  When you help them see this is an INVESTMENT with LIFETIME returns, they will take money from retirement accounts, stocks, credit cards they vowed not to charge, savings they normally wouldn’t touch and MUCH more. Do you see your programs as changing their health for the rest of their life? If you do, THEY WILL!  Again, THEY wrote their life goals.  Your corrective and maintenance program is HOW they will live the fulfilling life THEY DESIRE!  It is the stepping stone to getting what they want and the spouse is there to confirm and be your advocate.  Help them see the lifetime health returns on their INVESTMENT and they will find the money from their resources.


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