If maximizing your lifespan is preferential then you must consider the essence of life itself. We are born with a particular genetic inheritance, based upon telomere length. Telomeres are the end stops of our chromosomes, the genetic characters containing genes – the dispensers of our traits… blue eyes, versus brown eyes, blond hair versus brown hair etc.

Genes are composed of ropes of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The DNA consists of essential bases, ATGC, the sequence of which determines the encoding of proteins, the building blocks of our cells and tissues. However, telomeres are non-coding sequences of DNA (TTAGGG), still comprised of bases. When cells divide, telomeres shorten, and when telomeres become too short, cells become senescent.telomeres10 When too many cells become senescent, tissue function declines and eventually fails (old age).   Everyone is born with telomeres of different lengths, hence each one of us has our maximum lifespan determined at birth, based upon our inheritance. Therefore, to maximize your lifespan, consideration must be given to slowing telomere shortening.

Of course, we realize that living a clean, unstressed life is very important, but what can we do about our shortening telomeres? And, as our telomere shortening through time, how then can we prevent the disease is commonly associated with advancing age, like heart disease, cancer, neurological diseases and diabetes? Ultimately, the secret to a long and healthy life span rests in our telomeres. Indeed, telomere research is at the cutting edge of current scientific study

Now, this brings us to the story of life itself.

What is life?

Life is a collection of trillions of Atoms incessantly communicating to maintain organization and order. Atoms communicate through electromagnetic waves across great distances. All atoms are themselves electromagnets. These interactions are in constant flux about a steady state system to maintain equilibrium. When equilibrium is disturbed, a living system is capable of restoring balance through reversible processes.

However, reversibility is an idealization never actually attained. As time goes by, normal metabolism produces heat for energy, but heat itself represents the chaos of fundamental particles. As a natural consequence of aging (and especially stress, physical or mental) there occurs microscopic disorder. The greater the stress of life, the greater the quantum entropy, leading to aging. There is need for food of course to provide energy for cellular function, but overeating (for example) produces more heat, hence more scarring.

telomere-chromosomeThe greater the emotional stress, the greater is production of cortisol the stress hormone, hence the greater the heat production for quick energy. When microbiological agents attack to produce disease/imbalance, the greater is the production of heat for immunological function/defense, the greater the degree of resultant energy for reversibility, hence we see fever. Oxidative damage from ingested oxidants, causes more microscopic disorder, hence the need for antioxidants. But what can we do to maintain telomere length, which decreases more rapidly when certain cells need replenishment, like skin, blood, and the G.I. track which produces more telomerase.

Telomerase is an enzyme cells produce to lengthen shortened telomeres. And, and cancer, actively dividing cancer cells supersede the national defense mechanism of normal cells, hence cancer cells keep dividing; and do not die, as a result of increased telomerase up regulation. The answer is to provide telomeric stabilization.

Magnesphere-NewHolistic utilization of magnetic resonance energies can target telomeres and may stabilize them, potentially preventing their shortening. We now have a mathematical tool to calculate target – specific magnetic resonance energy to stabilize and stop their shortening. This method of exposing the body to naturally occurring physiologic magnetic profiles may be useful for enhancing reversible processes to sustain homeostasis, stabilization of telomeres to enhance longevity, affect the autonomic nervous system to decrease emotional/physical stress, and perhaps even stabilize telomeres in cancer cells to inhibit telomerase production which keeps tumors growing. Magnetic Resonance Therapy is at the forefront of the cutting edge of medical research. Now is the time to become actively engaged, if living longer and better is a Goal.

One such device that has been found to demonstrate the benefits og magnetic resonance therapy is the the Magnesphere by Magneceutical Health.  Want to know how it works? Here is a quick overview and an anti aging stress management article demonstrating it’s effectiveness in real world situations.

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Jacobson_VerticalDr. Jerry Jacobson, theoretical physicist, biophysicist and medical researcher, is a world-renowned pioneer in the field of bio-electromagnetics. He is the recipient of the Albert Einstein Genius Dedication by the American Biographical Institute and a member of the International Order of Merit, awarded by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England. Dr. Jacobson currently serves as chief science officer of Magneceutical Health, LLC (www.magneceutical.com).