The rise of the internet has given rise to many a channel and formats for reaching out to potential patients and chiropractors alike. However, as this industry has grown, a number of big names have emerged from the market. These top online influencers in the digital marketing world have managed to change the Chiropractic market for the better. As we turn the chapter on 2016 we look forward to watching these rising stars shine brightly and carry the torch in 2017.

Top 9 Chiropractic Influencers for 2017


Dr. Ed Osburn

What do you do after you have the #1 Chiropractic podcast on iTunes and have amassed ultra success with various marketing channels?

Dr. Osburn states it simply: “I want to help others to do the same!”

That is exactly what Dr. Osburn has done and he is crushing it! His wish is to combine his knowledge, experience, and success in the areas of Chiropractic, podcasting, and media marketing to deliver practical and concise “know-how” to all doctors so that they can experience the same massive levels of success.

We all know that Chiropractic has unique and amazing benefits to offer and elevate the health of our communities. And while the profession of Chiropractic is proposed to be one of the BEST current and future careers—we still see doctors struggling to find balance in their personal lives, financial rewards, peace of mind, and practice freedom. His mission is provide an online platform to convey the utmost cutting edge IDEAS, INNOVATION and INSIGHT in areas of podcasting, social media, and online business training.

Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid

Want to know more about the evidence that supports Chiropractic? Then the Evidence Based Chiropractor is for you!  Whether it’s his weekly podcast, awesome Youtube channel, daily Facebook updates , free growth toolkit, or flagship practice growth program – he is dedicated to helping chiropractors get more new patients while effectively communicating the message of chiropractic care.

Best part, Dr. Langmaid is still in active practice, so he understands the needs and wants of today’s practionier.

One more thing, if you are looking to work with more MD’s in your community, he has you covered!  Check out his website to learn more.

Billy Sticker

Author, speaker and marketing expert, Billy Sticker first started ChiroCandy in May of 2015. ChiroCandy was first started as a chiropractic marketing podcast to help equip and motivate doctors to build their dream practices.

Keeping with the original purpose, Billy has since added Facebook marketing & professional book writing services for chiropractors under the ChiroCandy umbrella. His most recent “ultimate Facebook training for Chiropractors” has received rave reviews from doctors all across the world.

Chris Burfield

Chris Burfield is a Chiropractic Strategic Marketer. Chris has helped thousands of Chiropractors world wide serve more patients, make more money and save more lives. His entire marketing philosophy is simple: “Market From The Heart”.

Chris is not a Chiropractor himself, but has spent the last 17.5 years serving the chiropractic profession. First as a Chiropractic Assistant then as a Practice Owner and now as a Strategic Marketer.

Recently Chris has hit his stride with helping doctors use Facebook to market their “Dinner with a Doc” events. He has been so successful with his ‘propaganda marketing machine’ that doctors literally have to reserve his team of experts months in advance.

If you do “dinner talks” and want to fill them up, he is your guy!  Matter of fact he guarantees it!

Dr. Alex Vidan

Do you have aspiration of being on your local TV? How about being known as the local health expert in your community? If so, then pay attention because Dr. Vidan has been doing this exact thing for years and is now teaching other doctors to do the same.

His program, TicTV is a comprehensive program establishing Chiropractors as the cultural authority in their community.  Dr Alex Vidan helps you get on the news (and stay on the news) to expand your reach, help more people in your community, and get more people under chiropractic care in your office.  In less than 5 minutes you could reach tens of thousands of people in your community, educate them on the chiropractic message, and grow your practice.

Dr. Mary Lucas-Flannery

Once upon a time Mary accidently volunteered to build and teach a public speaking online class. It was an accident because she thought it would be a simple one-time task and an easy side project. It was neither.

The Art of Story Project is the love child between an obsession with storytelling as the heart of all great connections and the clear need for chiropractors to become as fascinated with the art of great communication as we are with technique and business. Story is a simple ingredient that every chiropractor can learn to use to grow their business. What began as an accident has become a series of online classes and in person workshops which has been taken by hundreds of students. The shortest distance between two people is a story. Build your story today and share it tomorrow.

Dr. Jason Deitch

If there is a digital entrepreneur who has done more for the chiropractic profession than Dr. Jason Deitch, we don’t know them.

Dr. Jason is a digital nomad who has carried the torch for well over 15 years teaching doctors how to Amplify their messages to their communities using his specialized software called Amplifeied.

Hailed as a social media genius, Dr. Deitch has been a pioneer in the social media field and has  helped show thousands of others how to have success online.  Dr. Jason has always been a trendsetter and has been known to “read the tea leaves” for upcoming social media trends far in advance of others in the same field.

Tristan Schuab

Born out of necessity, Tristan decided he wanted to help doctors grow and succeed in their practices.

ChiroSushi was born.

ChiroSushi’s goals are real simple: Help Chiropractors make more money, save money and make life easier. Through conventional and somewhat uncovential content, Tristan and his team have become a go to resource for the ‘daily haps’ in the chiropractic world.

In 2017 Chirosushi enters the seminar market by cooking up something very special with their first annual ChiroSushi Summit. When we asked why he wanted to host a summit, Tristan’s response was clear, “Chiropractors need to make more money, have more impact, and lead the world in health care.  This seminar [held in Las Vegas starting May 3rd], will do just that!”

Dr. Chad Woolner

A relative newbie in the chiropractic marketing world, Dr. Chad Woolner, gets our rising star award!  Dr. Chad is  marketing genius and his speciality revolves around the world of building high converting online ‘funnels’ that doctors can use to attract highly qualified new patients.

Dr. Woolner broke out in 2016 with his Chiro funnel secrets program that gives the doctor 3 Core funnels that will not only bring in new patients, but will reactivate some of your old ones.

His ‘system’ is built on the ever-popular software Clickfunnels (matter of fact, his best friend created it) and Chad is a master at knowing every nook and cranny of the software to guarantee success. If you are a Chiropractor that is struggling to get new patients, if you are looking to take your practice marketing to the next level, or if you are simply wanting to learn how to create successful marketing funnels into your practice, then Dr. Chad is your guy!