The Top Chiropractic Podcasts Every Chiropractor Should Be Listening To In 2019


Chiropractors spend a lot of time and money educating themselves about the clinical side of chiropractic, but most do not spend enough time learning about the business side to help their practice run efficiently and grow steadily. Educating yourself about the business side of the practice is extremely important, and chiropractic podcasts can help point you in the right direction when it comes to finances, dealing with insurance companies, marketing your chiropractic practice, general business advice, and much more.

For those of you who may not know, a podcast is like a radio talk show on iTunes. People subscribe to their favorite podcasts, which are then delivered right to their phone or computer. There are thousands of podcasts available for different interests and industries. They’re catching on and becoming more popular with chiropractors. Ive created a list of what I think are amazing podcasts that will help you take your practice to the next level.

“Podcasts about the business of chiropractic are becoming more popular among chiropractors. By listening to the experiences of their peers, chiropractors can learn how to run their practices more efficiently.”

Here are the podcasts that I invite you to tune into.

The Evidence Based Chiropractor– Weekly research and marketing updates for Chiropractors by Dr. Jeff Langmaid. Learn the latest in the world of chiropractic research and how to translate all of those research papers into actionable information which will inspire action, improve your communication, and lead to explosive Chiropractic growth.

Rockstar Doctor Life– Hosted by Dr. Melissa Longo, each episode you’ll hear about real life, real struggles, real successes, and real practice tips from Dr. Melissa Longo and her guests so that you can feel great, grow your business, raise happy families, and rock your life as an Chiropractor.

Life By Design for Chiropractors– Learn how to practice chiropractic in a model that is philosophically congruent, scientifically defendable, profitable and fun. This podcast brings the insights of Dr. Jamie Richards own personal practice and perspective to the forefront of the evolving chiropractic profession.

The Remarkable CEO– Join remarkable CEO coaches and transformation experts Dr Stephen Franson and Dr Pete Camilo on the audacious journey that is guaranteed to challenge, inspire and empower you to create a remarkable business as part of a remarkable life, not instead of one! 

ChiroCandy– Author and chiropractic marketing expert, Billy Sticker, brings you practical and motivational information designed to equip and inspire chiropractors to think like a marketer. His laid back demeanor and wicked smart marketing ideas will help any chiropractor succeed when it comes to marketing your practice both online and offline alike.

The ChiroFunnel Podcast- The podcast by Dr. Chad Woolner where he discusses strategies for helping you make transformational breakthroughs both personally and in your chiropractic practice. He covers topics ranging from marketing, self-improvement, personal & business development, and optimizing your overall performance. Our mission is to provide chiropractors with the motivation, inspiration, strategies and tactics to help them become successful.

You may be asking, Dr. Beau, how did you know about all of these amazing podcasts? Well, in all honesty, I am a bit of a podcast geek myself. I always try to listen to at least one to two podcasts per day on my drive to work in the morning. Sometimes I am looking for motivation, business insights, or just to give me some ‘chiropractic spizz’ to get my day started.

Matter of fact, that’s why I decided to create a podcast!

If you have not had a chance to check out my podcast, The Chiropractic Secrets, I hope you take the opportunity to give a few episodes a listen. Every Tuesday I upload a new episode and cover topics ranging from practice growth strategies, personal development, chiropractic spizz, and efficient ways to streamline your practice for the twenty-first century.

I love being behind the mic and being able to not only interview other experts in our field, but give you insights and the latest trends as to where the profession is headed in the very near future.

Click below on the pic to check out the latest episode.

My question to you is this: Do you listen to chiropractic podcasts? If so, which shows are your favorite? What type of podcasts do you like to listen to? Topics? Content?

I am always looking for suggestions to help grow your practice and the profession, so please drop me a comment down below!