Top 10 Blue Round Grungy Vintage Rubber StampWe have published over 135 posts since the inception of Circle of Docs.

When we started this analysis of the top 10 articles we figured there would be some killer posts, but it’s amazing how neatly these correlate to the big  trends of the past year in the world of Chiropractic.

These 10 popular posts neatly encapsulate what Chiropractic and Chiropractic businesses need to do to improve their reach, in 2015 and beyond. Enjoy!


10. Chiropractic, Drugs, and Cartels

young man holds transparent panel in front of his faceThis post by Dr. Allen Miner stirred quite the controversy in the Chiropractic crowd as to where the future of Chiropractic is headed. Some are advocating for the profession to be absorbed by the medical profession, while others want to stay separate and distinct.  Dr. Miner shares his stories and real life experiences about what adoption would be like and how it would affect his practice and others. What was your reaction to this article?




9. The Cervical Lordosis in Health and Disease

3d rendered medical illustration - pain neckIn this post Dr. Deed Harrison supplies overwhelming amounts of research supporting the curvature of the cervical spine in relation to maintain good health. He also gives insight on how to manage and improve the curvature in your practice using a product called the Deneroll. This article may prove to be the most beneficial for your practice, especially if you care for anyone with a cervical complaint. Members have loved this article due to the depth and detail in the researched conveyed in this article.



8. Circle of Docs 30 Days Later

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesCOD got off to a jump start this past year. In this post the team shares how the site grew from day one to day 30. What started over 16 months ago when Dr. Beau Pierce and Dr. Patrick Gentempo had their first meeting about the concept of Circle of Docs has quickly escalated into the tour de force that has now been viewed in over 95 countries and is one of the leading Chiropractic website’s in the world in under 30 days.




7. Three Ways to Triple Your Practice in 2015

Chiropractic GrowthIf you are looking for great ways to grow your practice, then take the advice of Dr. Tabor Smith and Dr. Chris Zaino as they explain how to use Spinal Screenings and Dinner Workshops to grow your patient base.  This post shares details about how to organize and run these events to produce massive success for your practice. Who wouldn’t want to grow their practice to 2K patient visits per month?




6. Pillars to a Successful Practice

Chiropractic Business PrinciplesLooking to start your year off on the right foot? Check out how Dr. Russ Rosen implements Chiropractic pillars of success with his coaching clients. Bonus; he shares never before seen footage with him and rockstar chiropractor, Dr. Brad Glowaki, on successful ways to hand and utilize business cards to grow your Chiropractic practice.





5. Can the Chiropractic Profession Be Saved

ChiropracticYou have been trained to be a great doctor. Now is the time to learn how to be a great business person. Rick Sapio shares insight on how to set yourself up for success in practice and in business. We also had a chance to catch up with Mr. Sapio in a Google hangout where he laid out the exact tactics utilized by the most successful practices in the world and what they all have in common.  See that hangout HERE





4. What Every Chiropractor Must Know About Facebook in 2015

FacebookAdvertisingIn this revealing article by Dr. Matthew Loop he shares secrets of how to use Facebook most effectively going into 2015. In this article he takes you by the hand and shows you how to effectively run a Facebook advertising campaign and shares some gems never revealed to any Chiropractic community, except Circle of Docs. Get ready to utilize Facebook as a great way to drive new patients into your office.




3. One Simple Way to Make 2015 Your Most Successful Year Ever Using Social Media

nd7qTpcu3cjJPlzdPRz1yp0YYnR1snDEql_FcLXNrhQWant to know what to post across your social media channels? Dr. Jason Deitch shares how to use images effectively to drive more patients to your practice.  He has even started a free service that every Chiropractor can use to benefit their practice immediately,




2.  Ears, Antibiotics, and Asthma.. Yet Another Perfect Storm

man with an umbrella in the floodAre you interested in wanting to learn how to serve more kids in your practice? Then this article is a MUST read. Matter of fact, this article was shared by more than 700 doctors across their social media channels and posted to their practices Facebook pages.  Dr. Tony Ebel does an incredible job at explaining the possible progression, “the perfect storm” from a subluxated birth to long term results in the pediatric practice. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the clear, and all too commonly seen path from childhood ear infections to lifelong asthma and immune challenges.




1. Top 10 Research Breakthroughs to Support Chiropractic Care in the Last Decade

Top 10 Research Articles for Chiropractic Where would Chiropractic be without research? This article by Dr. Chris Kent has been our most read article for the year of 2014!  Dr. Kent gives research data to back up the effectiveness of chiropractic care not only in the “sick” population but also the healthy. Many doctors have used this article as a catalyst for in office talks, podcasts, Youtube videos and other blog posts of their own. This article is one that will live on for the ages.


2014 was all about content, specifically helpful, and actionable content to help grow your practice. What will 2015 bring? Together we can elevate the Chiropractic profession.