This past year in the world of Chiropractic has been incredible and filled with many changes!  We have seen an explosion of digital marketing, the use of more technology inside the chiropractic office, and the way in which chiropractors are serving more people throughout the world has never been easier.

Last year I published an article, the 5 Bold Predictions for 2019, and this year I want to follow up on that article and do the same. This year my focus is more on the trends of where I am seeing chiropractic ‘moving to’ and the opportunities that are evident for us to grasp hold. My hope is that in reading this that you, as a smart chiropractor, see these happening in your community and you jump on the opportunities.

Ok, ready to get started: 

  • Story Will Sell-   Last year I predicted that ‘conversation was the new lead’ but this year I see a new and moving trend into what I am calling “stories”.  With the increase and rise in Instagram and Facebook Stories, I believe people are forming deeper bonds with people they ‘follow’ and want to be further engrossed in their lives.  As a storyteller yourself, use this to your advantage and tell stories about your life, practice, community, and how it relates to chiropractic and the world. Remember, we as chiropractors “see things differently” and through a different lens than most other people.  

  • It’s Ok to ‘Fly Your Freak Flag’-   This is not necessarily a ‘new thing’ but one that is more and more acceptable in today’s world.  The ability and opportunity for you to “be different” has never been more accepted than today. Whether your thing is to ‘Y-Strap’ an adjustment while wearing a banana hammock only or to Skydive in your favorite BJ Palmer shirt, the more ‘eccentric’ the better.  In today’s society of trying to stand out from the masses, Flying Your Own Personal Freak Flag, maybe just the thing that sets you apart in your hometown. 

  • Less Reimbursement = More Opportunity-  Let’s be honest for a minute, insurance reimbursement has been going nothing but down since the Mercedes ’80s and it doesn’t look to be getting any better any time soon. With coverage narrowing and reimbursement checks shrinking, I believe we are about to see a shift in how chiropractic offices are being run. More and more doctors will be getting away from the puppy mill of “flying 7” adjustments and move to a more customized experience for the patient.  I believe most doctors are sick and tired of trying to adjust 100 people a day for $10 per adjustment and will be moving to adjusting just 10 people but for $100 per patient. Personalized medicine/chiropractic is the future. And the future is now!  

  • Personalized Online Presence Will Take Over- Gone are the days where if you ranked #1 in Google it meant that you would most likely get the majority of new patients that typed your city name + chiropractor into Google. Nowadays, people want to be able to connect with the doctor, office, team, and philosophy before committing to be your new patient. You must have an online presence and website that showcases your authentic “You”, have a beautiful design, and must convey ‘your special sauce’ of what makes you the best chiropractor in their area. Gone are the ‘templated $49/mo websites’ that look like the other four chiropractors in your town and is stuffed with pictures of a guy in a white coat consoling a patient reaching for their back in pain. That doesn’t work anymore! People want to do business with people that they can actually see, connect with and know that they have experience. There is no better time to make sure your online presence (website, SEO, Social, Reviews) really represents who you are. (Shameless plug: I started a company at the end of 2019, Well Rounded Marketing. Through our full suite of marketing solutions, we emphasize authentic connection through design, we encourage metrics‑driven decision making, and most of all, we are a team who loves what we do. If you need help, or just want a fresh perspective on your digital presence, CLICK HERE, and we will help you out.)

  • Big Data for Small Chiropractors- Big data has been so far used only by enterprises to improve the way they do business but soon small businesses (like chiropractors) will too start to harness the power of data. Easy to use analytics applications are on the rise now, thus making big data contextualization easier. It is important for every business to have a big data strategy, which will give them a clear competitive edge. One day soon I imagine that you will be able to see all your years of adjustments on a scale and help determine how long a patient should be under care for various conditions, ailments, and longevity care. Not mentions be able to compare your care with other doctors and give cohesive care recommendations.

What do you think will be the top trends in chiropractic in 2020? I am really interested to see what you think! Drop me a note or comment below!