Tribute to Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr.


Written by: Christopher Kent

It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr.

Dr. Dickholtz was one of the most remarkable individuals I have had the privilege of meeting. An icon in the world of chiropractic, he was a beloved doctor, teacher, mentor, and researcher. He was confident and professional, yet free of the egotism common in chiropractic. His focus was on delivering quality chiropractic.
I was his patient. He opened his home to me where I stayed for the initial 3 day workup. He and his equally amazing wife Mary Ann welcomed me as family. I remember him saying, “I’m not going to sleep well tonight. I will be thinking about tomorrow, and giving you the best adjustment possible.”

A former machinist, he developed devices to improve chiropractic practice, including x-ray filters, training devices, etc. Mary Ann developed laser levels to assess posture. He was committed to clinical excellence and improving the art, without ever compromising on principle.

He collaborated with medical researchers publishing a paper in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Hypertension, concerning the NUCCA procedure. This resulted in an outpouring of positive press for chiropractic, and contributed to the body of scientific evidence that the scope of chiropractic is as broad as the influence of the nervous system.

Patrick Gentempo and I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Dickholtz for On Purpose. As a tribute to a life well lived, we would like to share this interview with you. You may access it here:


Donations for research in his honor can be made at UCRF