Tricks to Remember the Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerves Chiropractic

In school you are always trying to gain the advantage of how to learn more using less. The 12 cranial nerves may be difficult to memorize at times so I have came up with a method to help memorize the names of the 12 cranial nerves while I was taking Anatomy and Physiology.  This involves using mnemonics related to different subjects you may be interested in instead of random words jumbled together.

List of the 12 Cranial Nerves

I – Olfactory nerve

II – Optic nerve

III – Oculomotor nerve

IV – Trochlear nerve

V – Trigeminal nerve/dentist nerve

VI – Abducens nerve

VII – Facial nerve

VIII – Vestibulocochlear nerve/Auditory nerve

IX – Glossopharyngeal nerve

X – Vagus nerve

XI – Accessory nerve/Spinal accessory nerve

XII – Hypoglossal nerve

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 1Oily Oranges On Tower Tickle Ants Funnily And Give Velvety Angry Hands

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 2-Only Oranges On Tilting Towers Are Fun And Give Very Awkward Holes

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 3-Oh Oh Oh Tiny Tits Are Fun And Give Virgins Awkward Hips

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 4-Oh Oh Oh Time Traveler Again Fool Angry Gods Victory Are His

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 5Oh Oh Oh To Tickle A Female’s Vagina Gave Victor A Hard-on

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 6-Oh Oh Oh Tall Teachers Are Fat And Gulp Vadas And Halwa

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 7On Old Oak Tree Tine And Fiona Ate Food And Grew Very Voluptuous Hands

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 8-On Old Oak Tree Thomas Again Farts And Gives Very Angry Howls

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 9Olive Oil On Tasty Treats Are Fun And Give Victor A Hard-On

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 10Only Oil On True Tits Are Fun And Give Virgins All Heat

New additions submitted by readers:

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 11-O O O To Touch And Feel Very Good Varies After Hyperactivity

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic No 12-Offensive Oranges Of Tibet Traded Apples For Van Goofs Vague Shiny Hippo

Cranial nerves mnemonic from other sources:

  • Old Open Oceans Trouble Tribesmen About Far Ventures, Global Vacations, Accusing Hydrophobia
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch A Female’s Vagina Gives Vinny A Hard-on
  • Orange Oregon O-lineman Tried Track And Field, Victory Gave Virginia School Honor
  • On Occasion Our Trusty Truck Acts Funny, Very Good Vehicle Any How
  • Once One Openly Told Tourists About Fighting Vampires Gobling Various Antelope Herds
  • On Old Olympus’ Towering Top, A Friendly Viking Grew Vines And Hops
  • Oh Once One Takes The Anatomy Final Very Good Vacations Are Heavenly.
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel Very Good’ Velvet Aah Hah
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel A Guy’s Vein And Hotdog
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel Very Good Vibes AHhhh
  • One Of Old Trained Teacher Ask For A Girl Vadai And Halva
  • OLd OPTICs Operate To TRY And Fake Very Good VEGAS Safe Houses
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Fondle A Gorgeous Very Super Human
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel Very Green Vegetables, Such Heaven
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Take A Family Vacation! Go Vegas After Hours
  • On Occasion, Oliver Tries To Anally Finger Various Guys. Vaginas Are History!
  • Only Owls Observe Them Traveling And Finding Voldemort Guarding Very Secret Horcruxes
  • Old Opie Occasionally Tries Trigonometry And Feels Very Gloomy, Vague And Hypoactive
  • Old Oprah Occasionally Trots Triumphantly About, Farting Velveeta Globs, Vaunting Accolades Hysterically
  • Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel Vintage Green Velvet, Simply Heaven
  • Old, Oliver, Ogg, Traveled, To, Africa, For, Very, Good, Vacations, And, Holidays
  • Once On October Thirteenth, Troublesome Abductors Filched Various Golden Valuables And Heirlooms
  • Oprah Ought Order Tasty Treats And Finally Value Growing Voluptuous And Happy
  • Old Officers Often Trust The Army For A Glory Vague And Hypothetical
  • Old Oppressive Oceanic Trout Trick Aquatic Fauna Very Greedily; Valiant Sharks Hunt (them).
  • Old Opie Occasionally Tries Touching And Feeling Virgin Girls’ Vaginas And Hymens
  • Oh Oh Oh Try Try Again Failure Victory Gives Value And Harmony
  • OOh Oh To Touch And Feel A Great Vampire And ‘Shoot’ Him

Source- wikipedia


Mnemonics for type of cranial nerves:

The nerves can be either be sensory (S), motor(M) or both(B). So we use S, M and B for our mnemonics. Depending on their type, the initial letters that we get are ‘SSMMBMBSBBMM’.

We can make a simple mnemonic with the above letters, which is a classic and is widely used-’Some Say Marry Money, But My Brother Says Big Brains Matter Most’
One other widely used Mnemonic is ‘Some Say Money Matters, But My Brother Says Bakes Brownies Matter Most’.

You can make your own mnemonic from scratch and you will be amazed at the creativity. Experiment and use the one which you can easily remember.

If you have come up with any cranial nerves mnemonic, please do let me know.

Memorize…the easy way…the crazy way!!!