Video Shows Chiropractic Care Helping a Child Plastic Bronchitis


Plastic Bronchitis is an extremely rare disease that causes severe blockage of the breathing airways due to lymph fluid buildup. This forms rubbery or caulk-like plugs known as casts. There are no well documented medical treatments for this disease, and it can be fatal if the airways are occluded by these casts, causing the person to suffocate. This is the story of the first child in the country of Chile diagnosed with Plastic Bronchitis. A story of a child ready to put up a big fight, a loving and caring mother, and a chiropractor who had only one mission: Restore proper neural flow in a dis-eased body.

541627_10153849953904897_512477948568557426_nDr. Jorge Campos is a 2009 graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is one out of seven U.S. trained chiropractors working in Chile. He used to run 6 practices in the country of Chile, but recently decided to transfer those practices to other Chilean chiropractors, so he could concentrate more on his family and his own practice in the city of Temuco. Dr. Campos is a frequent guest on Chilean TV and radio stations teaching the masses about chiropractic. Dr. Campos’s main purpose is to detect and correct vertebral subluxations for a better expression of life.

Clinic Name: Centro Quiropractico Campos