Each time in history that a paradigm shifting issue has faced a culture, the success of the revolution was always directly related to how focused they were able to remain to the core of the issue. In order for the movement to continue to give LIFE and MOMENTUM to the issue at hand its critical to keep the “main thing” the “main thing”. There are of course many “fringe” components of all these major issues, but there is always a unifying, underlying, MAJOR principle that absolutely remained the battle cry. For example, slavery had infinite implications and effects, but the MAIN issue at hand was equal rights. ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Thats the issue. People needed to face that issue, deal with that FACT in their heads and their hearts BEFORE any real change could occur.

So, Why You? 

The issue of our day is Healthcare. As a nation we are sicker than ever, more medicated than ever, and our largest expenditure is healthcare, yet we have a dismal return on that investment. There are literally THOUSANDS of implications and countless “effects” of this “sickcare” system, but what is the MAIN ISSUE? What is the CRUX of the issue? There must be a RALLY CRY that the people understand in order to build the groundswell of pressure needed to truly create change and a new model.

[quote_center]The Foundational Approach to Healthcare is Flawed. It is Built on the MECHANISTIC Model of Care.[/quote_center]

What is needed is…

A “VITALISTIC” model that understands and approaches the body as a self healing, self regulating organism.

The crux of the issue is that we approach healthcare from the wrong premise, the wrong lens. Until this flawed and incomplete mechanistic view of health is understood as the main issue, the system will remain the same.

Are you teaching people the MAIN ISSUE? Are you teaching people how to live in a vitalistic model of care, and that the medical / mechanistic model is incomplete and dangerous?

Let me repeat, if people are not educated on the MAIN issue, and instead are just focusing on other effects of the flawed system, we will not move forward in the needed revolution.

Why Now?

People must absolutely be shown the reasons why the medical model is foundationally flawed (which is the reason WHY its expensive, dangerous, and ineffective – these are all EFFECTS not CAUSES) and the people must also be educated on how a VITALISTIC model is a far superior, sensible and safer approach to health and healing. This is the crux of the matter. This must be addressed directly. This is the conversation.

typography motivation 1600x1000 wallpaper_www.artwallpaperhi.com_61The main conversation is not how to “naturally treat” some disease, symptom or condition, those are not unimportant, but they are not the MAIN issue. Again, More people must become AWARE of the MAIN issue – the flawed / incomplete medical model and the SOLUTION – A VITALISTIC model of healthcare that works WITH the body and respects the inborn ability of the body to self heal and self regulate. THATS THE MAIN ISSUE.

We must commit to this conversation. We must see our PRIMARY role is to educate people – not only on natural approaches or wellness tips, but on the MAJOR issue, and the new model. This is how we will gain enough momentum and will be able to apply the needed pressure on the current healthcare powers to make a foundational change in healthcare.

Now is the time. The statistics come in year after year that clearly show the poor results of the current mechanistic model. We have seen the results of that approach. Its time to evolve to a vitalistic model. Its time to have the REAL conversations about foundational change. It starts with the people in front of you. When enough people come together with the understanding on CRUX of the issue – REVOLUTION OCCURS.

Are you part of the revolution? Are you keeping FIRST things FIRST?


Ben RallDr. Ben Rall owned and operated a high value, high volume, 100% cash clinic in the midwest for several years.  His passion remains teaching people the “big idea” of health and healing.  He regularly hosted lay lectures for 200-300 people in his community.  His clinical and practice success allowed him to help manage over 450 chiropractic clinics across the globe.  He has helped open clinics in Africa, traveled around the world teaching chiropractic and delivering care, and even provide care for Olympic athletes including the 2012 games in London.  He currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his beautiful wife Megan and 2 subluxation free children: Jack and Grace.
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