Why Chiropractors Need to Create Content


What is Content? 

Content is defined as the writing in your chiropractic business that doesn’t directly bring in new patients but creates interest in you, your office and your services. In a sales funnel, content is that big upper part of the cone. In this article, we’ll look at why and how you can adjust your content to help you adjust people. I’ve also included resources to help you with this vital part of your business.

There are multiple types of content; try different ones and find which one feels the most natural to you. Then lean into that format. 

If one type of content doesn’t come naturally, it may still be great to learn it. Namely, video. A 2020 report said that 85% of businesses use video in their marketing and 92% of marketers say video is important. People love watching information! 

Video can be live or prerecorded, with various lengths from 15-second snippets on Instagram stories, to longer segments on IGTV, Facebook and YouTube. 

Whatever format you choose, focus on content that helps you establish expertise, authority and trust. Here’s some ideas.  

Types of Content:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Social media posts (can be like micro-blogs)
  • eBooks
  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Testimonials
  • Magazine articles
  • Email newsletters

Content Builds Trust 

Everything is about relationships. 

Just like marriage experts say “date your spouse,” you need to be regularly building a relationship of trust and loyalty with patients, both current and prospective.   

In part, this means getting your face and your name in front of them regularly. Remind them that they haven’t been adjusted in a while, and that they really do function and feel better when they get regular chiropractic care.

But it’s more than that. You need to give them some valuable content that informs and educates. Sharing your results with testimonials is a piece of content that builds confidence. Let your clients be the ones saying, “this works.” 

Your content is a great place to sprinkle in data and studies. However, everything doesn’t need to be stats and scientific quotes to be valuable. 

If you’re known for your “dad jokes” in the office, then that definitely needs to be part of your strategy. A good content strategy, especially on social media, includes pieces that engage and entertain. 

A blog post about pediatric chiropractic can be super informative, with your own fun-loving voice, while encouraging your patients to share it with friends and family (who don’t understand why they took a newborn to be adjusted.) 

Let Your Content Repeat it For You

It’s one thing to educate new parents in the office – your online content helps to expand the reach of your message. They now have it in writing both to remind themselves and to easily share. 

Think about if you were speaking at an event. What if, instead of going on stage to speak, you went around the room and repeated your talk to each person individually? You’d reach far fewer people in the allotted time than if you gave your message a bigger platform. 

It’d still be great to connect with your audience one-on-one after your presentation. But that would come after you had shared with the whole room at the same time, and would likely be more meaningful.

Exponential reach and deeper conversations are what content is really about. 

Your Content Shows Who You Are 

Content helps to show people what sets you apart from another chiropractor. Done well, it shows what’s important to your brand, and the atmosphere they can expect in your office.

Do you and your office have a relaxed, barefoot vibe? Your social media content can reflect this, attracting your ideal patient who feels so comfortable with you that they’d drive past other offices to see you.     

Content Tells Algorithms That You’re Loved

Let’s go back to a strategy that includes engagement and entertainment. You may roll your eyes, but that meme “Leave a GIF of how you feel after an adjustment,” serves a greater purpose. 

People are usually on social media to take a break and enjoy themselves and will respond to an easy call-to-action: liking a post, commenting, sharing and saving.

When they have engaged with your content, it tells the algorithm to put your stuff on their feed again. If people are engaging with your content (especially in the first hour), Facebook or Instagram will show it to more and more people, growing your reach organically.

That’s one reason why you’re encouraged to post consistently. Which means you also need to create content consistently.

When to Get Content Help

As small business owners, many chiropractors have a lot on their plate. Learning, creating and promoting content may be important. However, you also want to be in the office adjusting people and turning that light back on. (And maybe you’d like time for family and friends?)

This is where it can be helpful to outsource different areas. Maybe you need a content writer to interview and write up your blog posts or email newsletters. 

A social media manager can either give you a DIY strategy and plan for your content or manage creating, curating and posting for you. 

Hire a photographer to come in once per month for some action shots of you adjusting and behind-the-scenes for Instagram. Have a graphic designer makes some infographics to add to your social media or website.  

Content Creation Resources

Owen Video – Owen’s YouTube channel has just about everything you need to make this a powerful part of your content marketing. You can also find him @owenvideo on Instagram and Facebook. 

Ashlyn Writes – Ashlyn Carter has great insights into content and copywriting (which is more sales than content.) She publishes weekly instructional videos on YouTube, and can be found @ashlynscarter on Instagram and @ashlynwrites on Facebook.

Neil Patel – This blog is a treasure-trove of information about improving your content and how you promote it. You can also follow him on Instagram @neilpatel and on Facebook @neilkpatel.

Hubspot –  I love their articles and blog templates. You can learn so much about business and marketing as well.

Social Media Examiner –  It’s no secret that social media keeps changing. G’bye Vine, hullo TikTok. This resource will keep you up-to-date. 

Bio – Jenna Quentin

Jenna serves chiropractors with Adjust Your Media, a marketing agency for content creation and social media management. She also offers ready-to-post chiropractic content in her shop, with memes for engagement, quotes and holidays. Jenna’s a fire wife, mom of 4, cheese aficionado and word nerd with a background in journalism and freelance writing for websites and magazines. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @adjustyourmedia