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Dr. Beau Pierce is a Featured Speaker at Parker Seminars XR 2021

With Parker Seminars Las Vegas not being able to be held in person this year, like the years past, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Parker University decided to pivot and take their seminar "virtual"....

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Chiropractic Coach

5 things to consider when choosing a chiropractic coach I have often been asked if I have aspirations of being a chiropractic coach, and at this time in my career, the answer is no. However,...

Top 5 Portable Chiropractic Tables for 2021

The best portable chiropractic tables

The Purpose of Social Media for Chiropractors

Why would a chiropractor need social media?  Let’s clarify the purpose of apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok for a chiropractic office.  It’s an introduction. It's a community. It’s storytelling. It’s education. It’s building trust before...

Why Chiropractors Need to Create Content

What is Content?  Content is defined as the writing in your chiropractic business that doesn’t directly bring in new patients but creates interest in you, your office and your services. In a sales funnel, content...



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10 Protein Foods To Make Surе Yоur Workout Doesn’t Gо In Vаіn

    Hіgh рrоtеіn fооdѕ fоr muscle buіldіng іnсludе сhісkеn, еggѕ, аnd fish. Protein is оnе of thе most іmроrtаnt ѕuррlеmеntѕ to bе іnсludеd іn уоur...


Several years ago, my daughter Natalie had to undergo major surgery for her idiopathic scoliosis.  As I talk about in this web series about...

Vitamin D: How the Sunshine Vitamin Can Influence Your Pregnancy

Dr. Tanya Lee, H.BSc, ND Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient the body makes naturally from direct sun exposure to the skin. Despite many food...

9 Power Foods That Boost Immunity

By: AMANDA MACMILLAN AND TAMARA SCHRYVER, RD You're washing your hands, using Purell like crazy, and sneezing into your elbow. Now add these superfoods to your...

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