Are you into the alternative medicine? If you’re not, why is that? There are a lot of advantages in this type of medicine. Maybe you don’t believe because you read many studies in newspapers and on the Internet that claim that the food can’t cure any disease. Through this article, I want to show you that you are wrong because healthy eating can serve for many diseases.

Many doctors and studies claim that the food can’t help you, but they say that because they want to make a fortune of selling drugs made with chemicals that usually have horrific side effects.

Hopefully, this will change your current thinking about natural medicine, so below you have listed 9 natural remedies for cancer.

You must know these healthy cures!

1.Hemp seed oil

Hemp-Seeds-And-OilCold-pressing the seed of the Cannabis sativa seed can create very strong oil that is not illegal, but it is legally bought everywhere in the stores in the US. This oil contains fatty acid in its structure, that are essential for curing cancer. Also, the hemp seed oil don’t contain the psychoactive ingredient THC used by people who smoke pot. This oil has omega-3, omega-6 acids and a component called CBD that is very useful in treating cancer.



Do you know that you can fight the free-radical damage while sleeping? Yes, melatonin helps with that. Discovered fifty years ago, melatonin has strong antioxidant properties that can help neutralise free radicals. Some studies found that melatonin has a major role in the body that fights against the damaging effects of the free radicals because melatonin has 200 percent more power than vitamin E. The melatonin can reduce the damage from oxidants, and can fight diseases such as cancer or some cardiovascular diseases. The brain produces melatonin naturally, but people who are diabetics or over the age of 55, need to supplements with melatonin.

3.Baking soda

This is a very cheap ingredient that can be found anywhere around the world. You need to only put one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, and it will help you to beat cancer. You need to know that cancer can not thrive in your body is alkaline and loaded with oxygen. The baking soda is very useful for this problem. Try it and you will see!

4.Apricot seed kernels

Apricot_KernelsThe apricot seed is also a very effective for curing cancer. It is proved that apricot seed don’t have negative side effects because a lot of people around the world have used the seed for fighting the cancer. You should try it, and don’t let your doctor scare you!


Most turmeric sold in America suffers from high lead content and a high count of microbes. By purchasing cheap turmeric, you could actually be increasing the heavy metal toxins and bacteria that you consume, driving cancer cells. Do the exact opposite! Find an organic turmeric tincture that contains the phytonutrient curcumin, and you can build natural immunity.

6.Reishi mushrooms

ReishiYou won’t find Reishi mushrooms in regular stores or at restaurants. You should go to the healthy food stores and look if they have the supplements. In the Far East, reishi is used since a long time ago, for curing a lot of diseases and treating the ailments. These mushrooms are called Mushrooms of Immortality in China. They can reduce the blood pressure, can improve the nervous system function, and stamina. Also, you can treat cancer and diabetes with reishi mushrooms.

7.Spring water without fluoride

You must consume spring water, which doesn’t contain fluoride with average pH of 8.8. When you have problems with cancer, you must adjust the level of pH. Many doctors will tell you to eat more fruits and vegetables for this pH level, but they won’t tell you about the spring water which is much more effective.

8.Organic garlic cloves

urlGarlic cloves can fight cancer because they contain over 200 beneficial components. They can fight enzyme called ornithine decarboxylase, which the mutated cells use to multiply. How much easier would it be to beat cancer if cancer cells had NO fuel?!

9.Cannabis sativa

Medical cannabis is very helpful and it is discovered a long time ago, since the times of ancient Greeks, Persians and Egyptians. Mainstream medicine in the USA is very slow to recognize this because the DEA absurdly classifies it as a Schedule I narcotic, scaring off would-be patients and doctors.


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