Does Taking Omega 3’s Impact Inflammation For Rheumatoid Arthritis?


A lot of people suffer pain from rheumatoid arthritis which is caused by inflammation. Many stories have been told by people who eased their pain by taking supplements of omega 3 fish oil.

Inflammation has overcome high cholesterol when it comes to heart disease and is now one of the biggest single factors. That’s why the researchers have concentrated on improving the anti-inflammatory capacity in omega 3.

Omega 3 is proven even better than aspirin to ease the pain of inflammation but, it gives no bad side effects.

There are also some facts that you should know before you decide what omega 3 supplement is the best amongst all the brands on the market since the result may fail to give you the benefits that you pay for. If you choose a product that hasn’t been purified it may even be bad for your health.

You should know where the fish came from. The best proven is the cold deep waters off the Southern coast of New Zealand because of the purity of the water. It’s the least contaminant waters in the world, proven.


It’s very important that the fish’s been purified. A lot of fish species contain toxins and your health is not helped if you consume supplements that’s not been purified. On the contrary, it can damage your health.

There have been a lot of research of what omega 3 can do for your health and here are some of the benefits:

The brain Our master organ that controls everything about our body consists of 60% fatty acids and about half of that fat is known as DHA (docosahexanoic acid) omega 3. If the body doesn’t get enough of that fatty acid it probably won’t function as well as it should.

The heart One of the best studied benefits that’s known shows that fish oil supplements helps people with heart diseases which was the number one killer until recently but is now passed by cancer. Omega 3 makes the blood platelets less sticky and prevents them from clumping together which can start a heart attack if the blood flow stops.

Skin disorders People with skin disorders like psoriasis or/and acne is suffering a lot of pain and also embarrassment. One of the reasons for these conditions is inflammation. Omega 3 fish oil supplements can’t cure the disorders but, it helps make them much better.

Greg S. Andersen is the author of Fish Oil Omega 3’s Impact On Inflammation which have helped thousand of people to a better health and less inflammation.