By: Dr. Ben Rall

I know this post will be a loaded topic, but its a topic we need to explore. After having literally thousands of conversations with people about their health and their approach to healthcare I have come to realize that the direction or decision they usually make for themselves or their families health is often an extension of where they put their faith, or belief.

Now, there are many roads we could go down in this conversation, but the main one I want to focus on is the idea of “believing”. I have heard it said, and even said it myself that you do not need to BELIEVE in something for it to work. Gravity, healthy eating, exercise, and chiropractic all work whether you believe in them or not. However, I recently realized that although it is true that you do not need to believe in something for it to work, you DO need to believe in something to actually DO IT!. For example, even though you don’t NEED to believe in exercise for exercise to help you be healthier, you do need to “believe” in it to actually do it (or stick with it). This is a really important point. There is a countless amount of suffering that could be eliminated and prevented if people actually PARTICIPATED in the activities that could help bring them healthy results.


A man was sharing a story with me this morning about his daughter who suffered from recurrent ear infections for years. He was told drugs and tubes were their only option. Thankfully, they were referred to a “natural doctor” and after a few visits she never had a ear infection again. Now, he admitted he thought the treatment itself was a little “hocus-pocus” when they first tried it, but the results spoke for themselves. In his case, he did not necessarily believe in what the doctor was doing, but he believed enough to try. To take action. To learn. To be open to the possibility.

In my opinion, this is the largest group of people that can be helped. It is the people that have simply never even considered TRYING a new approach to their healthcare. As I reflected on the conversation I was having with this father, it reminded me of how many skeptical people walked into my office, we met them where they were at, explained the vitalistic model of healthcare, helped them achieve results, and helped them to “believe” in a new approach to their healthcare.

Remember, Doctor means teacher. Instead of getting frustrated with people that don’t yet “believe” you, focus on helping them to understand and take action in areas that will help them heal and function better.

Dr. Ben RallDr. Ben Rall is the owner of Achieve Wellness. The mission of Achieve Wellness is to provide vitalistic solutions and integration into people’s daily lives. We do that thru education, clinical applications, and consulting.

Dr. Rall released his first book “Moving from Corporate Wellness to Cooperate Wellness” in Sept. 2016. You can also follow Dr. Rall’s Facebook page for great information, updates.

Dr. Rall lives in Orlando, FL with his wife and 2 children.