Meeting The Needs Of Chiropractic Offices With Chiropractic Digital X-Ray Systems


Chiropractic offices, like all medical offices of a certain vintage, started out with radiology rooms outfitted with film x-ray systems. Because the equipment is expensive, many medical facilities, especially smaller ones, have held onto that film equipment because the cost of upgrading to a digital x-ray system has been too cost prohibitive.

All of that has changed, however, with the prices of all types of electronic and computer technology dropping in recent years. Because of this, many small and mid-sized medical offices can now consider adding Chiropractic x-ray in a digital format. [quote_center]It is also possible to take digital imaging equipment and use it to retrofit your existing film x-ray equipment, turning it into a digital unit, and thus saving your office money on purchase costs.[/quote_center]

Chiropractic DR digital imaging systems are popular for several reasons. This form of digital imaging offers the highest resolution of all types of digital images currently available, and they produce the images in the shortest amount of time. Furthermore, they expose patients and physicians to the least amount of radiation as compared to other types of imaging systems. For these reasons, many medical offices, including chiropractic centers, turn to DR imaging systems.

For added features and flexibility in use, many chiropractic offices use their DR image acquisition systems with other digital imaging components, which can include a PACS system. The PACS is a software and hardware appliance that allows you to view, distribute and store your digital medical images on a personal computer. You will likely also want to invest in a diagnostic monitor, which is a high-end graphics monitor suitable for use with medical digital images.

pacs_chartA PACS system can also be used as a router. What this means is that if you are connected to an online local area network, wide area network or even a virtual private network, you will have several physicians utilizing several clinical workstations at several different facilities. The router allows multiple users of the system to send and receive images, and the appliance will make sure that everything goes where it needs to go quickly and efficiently, and it enables the simultaneous use of the system by multiple users as well, so you only need one PACS system for numerous locales to benefit.

You can visit a medical digital imaging distributor’s website for more information about Chiropractic digital x-ray solutions that will work well for your specific medical office’s needs.

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