The $100K Holiday Gift


CODBFS1001-e1418250713889Business blind spots kill opportunities for growth in chiropractic practice.  Chiropractors train routinely in practice procedures, but this should not be confused with ‘business principles’.  Business Finishing School has a premise which is – the majority of chiropractic practices could increase their revenue $100,000 in 2015 if they just installed some foundation business principles into the practice.  Now, there is no claim that this is easy.  However, there is the assertion that it can and has been done already by hundreds of DC’s around the world.

And here is another hint… this isn’t this isn’t just about the money.  The first business rule is ‘values-based decision making’.  The money follows that.  So, in the spirit of the season Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Mr. Rick Sapio are hosting a $100K Business Mastermind.  It is for chiropractors and their staff only.  It is being conducted via Google Hangout.  And it will be INTERACTIVE.  Meaning, they won’t just be speaking at you.  They will be live and take questions from the audience.  Dr. Gentempo states, “This particular conversation isn’t going on anywhere else in the profession.  And it is a conversation every DC should engage in.”

[quote_center]Circle of Docs is thrilled to bring this to the profession FREE.[/quote_center]

Come join us!  Put an extra $100K in your pocket next year!

Mark your calendar!  The Mastermind will take place on

December 18th at 2pm EST!