Dr jeff may DCI remember growing up in Nebraska and my dad taking me fishing. It was like clock work every time we went we would run into other fishermen and the first question out of there mouth to my Dad was, “What are they biting on?”

It took me a while to realize that they would always ask my Dad but he never seemed to ask other fishermen.

Weird right?

So me being the curious kid I asked him why that was. As a grin cracked across his face he explained “Son, when you know the fish, you’ll know what they want.”

It occurred to me that Chiropractors are a lot like fishermen in this regard. We call our friends and ask ‘what are they (patients) biting on?’ Is it a shiny new screening or a flashy ad in the paper?

It seems that most Chiropractors are constantly looking for the quick, fast, and easy way to ‘lure’ them in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t converse on strategies to help serve more people live better lives, but what if we spent more time conversing and strategizing on getting to know our customer and what they’re looking for instead buying another shiny lure that will more than likely end up back in the ‘tackle box’ with all the other shiny lures that we told ourselves (and our spouses) would be the difference maker and finally get the practice to the next level.

Makes you think right?




Dr. Jeff May loves educating across the country and internationally on ways to create more opportunities for your success. As a Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff is humbled everyday by the amazing healing potential that lies within us all and can only be expressed fully through clear and consistent communication over the system we live our lives through, your nervous system.