Where in the world can you find 2,500 on fire Chiropractors and leading health enthusiasts under one roof? Answer: You are attending the 8th annual California Jam. This past weekend in sunny southern California, Dr. Billy DeMoss turned on lights, tuned up his guitars and welcomed attendees to what he hails as the most “kick a** Chiropractic event of the year.”

This years event was dubbed “The Truth Tour”. When asked how Dr. Demoss chose the theme for the year he said, “I feel that we live in a pivotal time in history when it comes to people’s health and wellness. It is time that the world knows the truth about what where real health comes from and how we can thrive in the environment around us. My goal was to bring the leading experts in the world together and allow them to share their “truths” about where real health resides.”

Ringing in this rock concert like event was a start studded lineup of the most well known and respected health and wellness professionals in all of the world. Bridging the gap from a Chiropractic only event was aided by leading health experts FullyRaw Kristina, and JJ Virgin.  Dr. Demoss also invited Info Wars.com, Alex Jones, to come and share his thoughts about the medical tyranny that faces millions across the world.  Along these same lines Dr. DeMoss states, “Chiropractic needs to be put on the biggest of stages and our profession needs to reach bigger audiences.  These amazing speakers are like minded in our health approach and I wanted to expose them to the greatest profession in the world, Chiropractic.”

Along with these influential voices, Billy invited the leaders in the Chiropractic world today to share. These people included; Dr. Brad Glowaki, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Dan Murphy, Dr. James Chestnut and a slew of other Chiropractic greats.CAJAM

When we asked a few of the 2,500+ attendees in the audience about their experience at Cal Jam 2015 here is what they said:

[quote_right]Dr. Kevin Miles, “ This may be the greatest Chiropractic event of the year. The “Ted Talk” style of delivery, combined with the rock concert environment is not only fun and engaging, but I leave a better doctor with a greater purpose to serve in my community.”[/quote_right]

Dr. Amanda Bline, “This is what every Chiropractic conference should contain. A beautiful environment, on purpose speakers, and like minded Chiropractors who want to make a greater impact in their communities.”

This weekends event was not only attended by doctors. There were many Life West students who volunteered to help monitor CE accreditation stations.

The COD team had a chance to speak with a group of them and they had words like, “This event epitomizes why we want to become Chiropractors. So many times in school we just trudge through classes, but events like this really get us fired up to go and serve.  They should close Chiropractic colleges across the world and bus every student down here for the weekend.”

2015-03-27 CalJam 02058-XLAnother student said, “I learned more in some of these talks than I have in two years of school.”

“Chiropractic is alive!”

“We can, we will and we have to stand for the principles of what Chiropractic is all about.”

As the 2015 Cal Jam comes to a close and Dr. Billy Demoss sets his eyes towards next year we can conclude that his goal for “The Truth Tour” was well received.

Perhaps as he contemplates next years theme, we could make a suggestion to call it “The Shift”; because every doctor, student and layperson who is leaving this weekend is geared to make a shift in their communities towards optimal health.

Here are some pictures from the weekend for you to enjoy!