The 2015 California Jam is just around the corner (March 27th-29th) and Circle of Docs was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with founder, Dr. Billy DeMoss on what is to be expected for this year’s rocking event. We sat down with him and covered everything from rock n roll to the future of the California Jam.

bill_rockWhen was the idea of Cal Jam born?

The idea of Cal Jam was born out of three ideas;  As a doctor and lover of music I have always had an affinity to music and its connection to the world. In the 1970’s I witnessed the original California Jam and was moved by the way music can affect a person. As a doctor I always thought that if I could combine that same emotional connection with health and wellness that people would respond positively.  I also thought if 250,000 people would show up for a rock concert why would they not show up to learn more about their health.

Secondly, I was fairly involved with DE, Dynamic Essentials, and credit those seminars for allowing me to find my chiropractic philosophy and voice.

Lastly, I was making the rounds with Dr. Brian Porteus doing his re-licensing seminars and a thought crossed my mind that it would be great to do a bigger style seminar that brought in some of the greatest minds in Chiropractic, health and wellness.  After hearing and going through Dr. James Chestnut’s program, the Wellness practice,  I was beginning to further understand that the world needed this message of health and chiropractic lifestyle to be on a bigger stage and it really spurred me to create Cal Jam and make it a reality.

What influence does Chiropractic and current health trends have on California Jam?

When I started DCS, Dead Chiropractic Society, I saw the need of elevating the Chiropractic message to a larger level. What started as a simple gathering of like minded chiropractors who wanted to increase their influence in their communities has evolved into a demand for a bigger and bigger stage to share this message.

Originally, I just wanted to help other doctors increase their understanding of Chiropractic, philosophy and the world around them.  As our meetings started to hemorrhage with the amounts of people showing up, it further made me realize the extreme thirst for this type of knowledge on a bigger stage.

How did you merge Chiropractic and a Rock Concert into one setting?

As you know I love music. In the early stages with DCS we always had music playing on a pre-recorded roll to set the mood for the night.  Sometimes I would play my guitar with friends and really get people engaged and fired up for the nights speakers.

When I was conceptualizing what I wanted for Cal Jam I knew that music had to play a pivotal role in its evolution. I put together a band and we played that first event. The rest is history so to speak.


What is the motivation that gets you up every day to work on making Cal Jam the largest health and wellness expo in the world?

The primary reason is and will always be to help promote the Chiropractic message to the masses. The bigger the stage gets for Cal Jam the more opportunity the world will have to being exposed to what Chiropractic is, what we as Chiropractors do and the true understanding that the nervous system controls the body.

I also have a deep passion for sharing the truths surrounding topics such as planetary and global sustainability including Geo-engineering, genetic modification of foods, vaccinations, and all other form of toxicity that are populating our society.

It appears from the lineup of speakers you have each year you are not afraid to bring in the medical community to share at Cal Jam

Yes, I want Cal Jam to be a collective of the health and wellness leaders in the world to come and share. These peoples may include MD’s, DC’s, and other health professionals who share the same vision and purpose as we do.

Where is Cal Jam headed in the next 10 years.

I would love for Cal Jam to expand in two ways: The first and most obvious is expanding our venue size. Last year Cal Jam sold out in a matter of days, we sold out ‘standing room tickets’ and we had people literally sitting in the aisle for every speaker.

Secondly, I share the vision with COD and want to make a bigger impact virtually. As you know harnessing the power of an online presence has far reaching capabilities. I would like to expand this side of Cal Jam and allow the millions of people around the world to attend virtually to be exposed to the knowledge of what is being shared on stage.

What is the biggest hidden secret that most attendees forget to experience?

Hands down it is the after party. It is by far the most fun I have every single year. We bring out the best gear, dance moves and play all out Saturday night. The party is a great chance for every attendee to come and celebrate the greatest profession in the world.

Why should every DC in the world attend Cal Jam?

I think Cal Jam is a great event and an experience that is not taking place anywhere else in the world. Our team works very hard to make sure every attendee leaves with a increased amount of energy, information, and knowledge that they can translate into their practices the next day.

This years California Jam is set and ready to rock the Segerstrom Center in Costa Mesa, CA on  March 27th-29th 2015. If you re interested in attending please click the link HERE to get more information.

Here is a quick video with our Founder, Dr. Beau Pierce talking about Cal Jam with Dr. Billy DeMoss.