Pharmaceutical giant Merck has announced plans to trial a new HPV vaccine on babies. 

The controversial trial aims to look at the effects of the HPV vaccine in infants, with the possibility of rolling out a mandatory HPV vaccine program in the future. reports:

The Gardasil / HPV vaccine has caused pain and agony on a worldwide level. Japan refuses to even sponsor the vaccine.

We’ve seen injury after injury over this vaccine and through it all, it continues to get pushed.

I believe this vaccine could be added to the mandatory lists for some states who have already seen their parental choice rights decimated.

Pharmaceutical companies figured out a long while ago that the two easiest ways to increase their product’s demographics were to push for mandatory vaccine laws as well as increase the age range.

When you expand the age range, your product’s sales can explode.

Pharma gets this concept, and they apply it strategically. That’s what this trial is about: increasing the demographic spectrum to include even helpless infants. This is all for the sake of the big profit machine.