Chiropractic care is now more popular than ever as millions of people across the globe search for natural treatments without the side effects of drugs and surgery. Chiropractic adjustments have been scientifically proven to improve low back pain, neck pain, scoliosis, acid reflux, blood pressure, headaches, arthritis, asthma, sciatica, healthy pregnancy, athletic performance and surgery prevention.

However, chiropractors don’t actually seek to treat or cure specific conditions as ones listed above. The primary focus of chiropractic care is to improve function by removing interference from the central nervous system for improved spinal health and movement. That means symptoms improve naturally as result of increased function.

Chiropractors have been transforming lives since the first chiropractic adjustment that restored a deaf man’s hearing in 1895 was given by D.D. Palmer. In the years since, there have been numerous chiropractors who have helped shift the direction of healthcare to a more holistic, vitalistic approach. I’m excited to share with you the 25 most influential, top chiropractors of 2017!

This list of top chiropractors was compiled through a set of criteria to determine which doctors were having the biggest global impact in both the chiropractic industry and healthcare overall. I also sought out and interviewed several top leaders in the field of chiropractic and natural health who submitted nominations for the doctors of chiropractic who, in the years of 2016–2017, have made the biggest impact.

It’s important to note that, in order to qualify for this list, individuals needed to have a chiropractic license or retired license, and must emphasize chiropractic care in their practice or teaching. This list includes researchers, chiropractic school presidents, practitioners, speakers, coaches, technique gurus and movement leaders — all of them are doing fantastic work in the chiropractic field.

Now let’s unveil the top 25 chiropractic influencers of 2017!

25. Dr. John Minardi

Blending a passionate and intense personality with excellent teaching skills, Dr. Minardi is having a big influence on the chiropractic profession. His primary focus is helping chiropractors understand the connection between vertebral subluxations and disease, and then training clinicians how to remove interference with specific chiropractic adjustments.

In 2011, Dr. John was awarded as Chiropractor of the Year and still operates a prosperous full-time practice. Dr. Minardi is the founder and instructor of the Thompson Technique Seminar Series and speaks on chiropractic philosophy and technique throughout North America.

24. Dr. Stephen Franson

Dr. Franson is a living, breathing billboard of the chiropractic wellness lifestyle. He operates one of the most robust practices on the planet and serves his community as a level 1 CrossFit coach.

Dr. Franson is a certified Gonstead Instructor and is an extended faculty members of several chiropractic colleges, including Life Chiropractic College and Palmer Chiropractic College. He speaks frequently at chiropractic events all over the country, runs the Remarkable Practice program and was voted one of the Most Influential Chiropractors under 40 in 2009.

23. Dr. Tim Young

One of the best chiropractic events put on each and every year is FocusOKC,founded by Dr. Young. This exciting event brings together some of the biggest leaders in the field to teach on chiropractic philosophy, business and adjusting techniques, and showcases Dr. Young’s desire to extend his knowledge with others.

Dr. Young is the President of the Oklahoma Chiropractors’ Association and co-founder of the Next Level Chiropractic Development coaching company. Dr. Tim also has a thriving chiropractic clinic and teaches doctors the art of adjustment, helping clinicians get back to the skill that made this profession extraordinary.

22. Dr. David Jackson

Dr. Jackson has an incredible story he uses to teach chiropractors how to succeed in practice. In his early days of practicing, he failed so badly that he had to work as a mechanic until he finally figured out his own secret to success. Dr. Jackson ended up starting a higher volume, mission-based chiropractic clinic where he saw patients just 17 total hours a week and had a patient base of about 50 percent children.

He is the past President of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA), the founder of massively successful Epic Practice coaching program and has trained 15,000 chiropractors on how to establish themselves as the authority of health in their communities.

21. Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby

The queen of chiropractic, Dr. Wendland-Colby is well known for her work with pregnant women and young families. While raising a family, she’s also built successful chiropractic clinics in Florida, New York and Georgia.

Dr. Cathy’s lecture “Healthy Moms Equal Healthy Babies” reveals how chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle can be transformational for infant development. She has helped thousands of families live medication-free so they can lead a life without limits, and taught chiropractors how to spread this same care to their own patients.

20. Dr. Dennis Woggon 

Known to many as the top scoliosis doctor in the world, Dr. Woggon has dedicated his life to teaching chiropractors how to naturally treat this condition. He’s the founder of the Clear Institute, an organization dedicated to helping teach physicians the best treatments and therapies to reduce scoliosis.

Dr. Woggon is also known as the most innovative doctor (the “Thomas Edison” of chiropractic) in the field and has invented adjusting techniques, rehab equipment, chiropractic tables, x-ray procedures and rehabilitative exercises.

19. Dr. Gilles Lamarche 

Dr. Lamarche recently joined the staff of Life University as the Vice President of Professional Relations. He had a thriving practice for more than 25 years in Ontario, Canada, and has been an educator on how chiropractic can transform the brain and body through neuroplasticity.

He’s the author of more than nine books, including “Say Yes to Chiropractic Success” and was voted Canadian Chiropractor of the year in 2006. He’s an avid student of chiropractic philosophy and psychology and has advanced training in executive leadership from the prestigious Cornell University.

18. Dr. Chris Zaino

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the closest thing chiropractic has to a superhero in Dr. Zaino. He goes big in everything he does, including recently winning the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition —while running one of the most-visited chiropractic clinics, with more than 2,000 patient visits a week!

Dr. Chris has an incredible story of overcoming ulcerative colitis with chiropractic and nutrition, and now has a new brand, I Am Hero, which teaches people to embrace their inner hero. He’s also the founder of Chiro Thought Leaders, helping chiropractors grow their practice.

17. Dr. Liam Schübel

Dr. Schübel is on a mission to set the record straight that chiropractors are meant to remove vertebral subluxations and they need to stop mixing in other modalities. He is a big-time influencer for chiropractic worldwide and has clinics throughout Latin America and the U.S.

Dr. Schübel is also the author of the popular book “Cast to Be Chiropractors” and is Vice Chairman on the Board of Sherman Chiropractic College. He’s known by his colleagues as “The Schübelnator” and is on a chiropractic crusade to help doctors up their communication game with his conference, Schübel Vision World Wide.

16. Dr. Peter Camiolo

Dr. Camiolo is one of the fastest rising superstars in chiropractic. Dr. Camiolo is co-founder of the exploding ChiroCEO and 10x Doctor Seminars which empower doctors to master their business by teaching advanced leadership, social media growth, online marketing, scaling systems and next-level business practices.

He has quietly operated one of the most successful chiropractic clinics in the world that see around 1,000 visits a week for more than 10 years. Dr. Camiolo is a skilled speaker who knows how to energize a crowd and is exceptional at teaching the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic.

15. Dr. Joel Bohemier

Dr. Bohemier is the leader at the forefront of the Maximized Living coaching movement that also includes influencers like Dr. Greg Loman, Dr. B.J. Hardick and Executive Chairman Dr. Cliff Hardick.

Dr. Joel is a prolific speaker and will pierce your heart and soul with how he translates the principle of chiropractic to all areas of life. There are more than 40 chiropractors in his family, so “the principle” is in his blood. By the way, if you see Dr. Bohemier at a seminar, ask him for an occiput lift — it will rock your world!

14. Dr. Michael Visarelli

Dr. Viscarelli has brought the ADIO (above down inside out) principle back into chiropractic clinics in a big way. Dr. Mike and his wife, Tara, along with Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess are the founders of AMPED, a principled chiropractic coaching group dedicated to helping chiropractors who want to rock their chiropractic practice (without all that mixer stuff).

Dr. Viscarelli is an engaging speaker, has a big heart for serving those in need and wants to help doctors of chiropractic stay true to their roots in treating subluxation, a root cause of disease.

13. Dr. Christopher Kent

Dr. Kent has been helping chiropractors live ON PURPOSE since he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1973. He currently serves as the Director of Curriculum at Sherman Chiropractic College and is the co-founder of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA).

As one of the brightest minds in chiropractic, Dr. Kent has worked to develop technology that demonstrates nerve interference and has been voted “Chiropractic Researcher of the Year.” Dr. Kent is a former chair of the United Nations NGO Health Committee and was honored with the first Lifetime Achievement Award by Life University.

12. Dr. Jeanne Ohm


Dr. Jeanne Ohm

Known as the chiropractic pediatric and natural birthing expert, Dr. Ohm has helped thousands of chiropractors become better perinatal practitioners. She’s published numerous research studies on chiropractic care for children and pregnancy and founded the award-winning magazine: Pathways to Family Wellness.

Dr. Jeanne is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, sits on the advisory board for the Foundation of Vertebral Subluxation and has run a thriving family chiropractic practice since 1981.

11. Dr. James Chestnut

Dr. Chestnut has been influential in educating the chiropractic community on the power of removing and preventing the vertebral subluxation with lifestyle. He’s published several peer-reviewed articles and authored five books.

He’s been recognized as the Parker Seminars Chiropractor of the year in 2009 and International Chiropractic Association’s Educator of the Year in 2007. Dr. Chestnut is the developer of the Eat Well, Move Well, Think Wellprogram, helping patients prevent vertebral subluxations.

10. Dr. Deed Harrison

Dr. Harrison is the king of chiropractic research. He’s authored more than 100 peer-reviewed spinal research papers and four spine textbooks. He’s the president of Chiropractic BioPhysics, a technique and seminar group founded by his father that he continues to pioneer.

Dr. Harrison has been published and also reviewed for some of the most prestigious medical journals, including SpineClinical BiomechanicsClinical AnatomyBMC Complimentary Alternative Medicine and the European Spine Journal.

9. Dr. Brad Glowaki

Dr. Glowaki has had an incredible impact on the profession by helping chiropractors become better communicators. Known as the New Patient Maven, he teaches doctors how to deliver the life-altering chiropractic truth in just 10 minutes and is the profession’s version of a TED Talk.

He was the 2012 Parker Seminar’s “Chiropractor of the Year” and has been a presenter at some of the biggest chiropractic events in the country. Dr. Glowaki embodies the phrase “work hard, play hard” and teaches his clients how they can have a successful clinic and enjoy downtime as well.

8. Dr. Dan Murphy

A professor at Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Murphy has taught more than 1500 post-graduate continuing education and has been referenced as the ultimate chiropractic educator. He was the Vice President of the International Chiropractic Association and has advanced training in pediatrics and a Diplomat in Chiropractic Orthopedics.

Dr. Murphy has taught chiropractors around the globe on topics like neuroimmunology, whiplash spinal trauma, pediatrics, phospholipid neurobiology, nutrition and chiropractic adjusting techniques

7. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

The creative and charismatic Dr. Mancini served as the President of Parker Chiropractic College for 14 years and was in part responsible for making Parker Seminars world renowned. He’s owned clinics in Europe and the U.S., and authored bestselling books, including “Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul.”

Dr. Mancini’s influence has been immense by helping both chiropractors and patients reach their full potential through his work as a clinician, school president and success coach.

6. Dr. Heidi Haavik

Hailing from New Zealand, Dr. Haavik has one of the most genius intellects in the chiropractic community. She is a chiropractor, has a PhD in neurophysiology and is a researcher who has brought to light scientific evidence demonstrating chiropractic adjustments improve neurological health.

Dr. Haavik is the author of “The Reality Check,” which simply explains the science of how vertebral subluxations affect the central nervous system and how adjustments restore normal function. She was voted the New Zealand Chiropractor of the year in 2007 and is the Director of Research at New Zealand Chiropractic College.

 5. Dr. Dan Sullivan 

Top Chiropractor Dr. Dan Sullivan

In a short period of time, Dr. Sullivan has become one of the most well-known names in chiropractic and last year alone was summoned to speak at over 30 chiropractic seminars. He’s helping chiropractors get the big idea and embrace the scientific evidence that a chiropractic adjustment can change neurological function and support the body in healing itself.

He’s brilliant at teaching chiropractors to express these truths to their patients. Dr. Sullivan is also the creator of some of the most illuminating chiropractic educational materials and products including the Spine/Brain Lamp and the “Back to the Brain” program.

4. Dr. Billy DeMoss

Each year in southern California, Dr. DeMoss hosts CalJam with more than 2,500 attendees in one room, which makes it one of the most monumental chiropractic conferences in the world. The lineup of chiropractic and healthcare influencers is unparalleled, and the event is a blast with mix of world-renowned speakers and a rock band that’s out of this world!

Dr. DeMoss is also the founder of the Dead Chiropractic Society, a community of chiropractors that are on mission to awaken and empower people to live drug-free and take control of their health with the principles of chiropractic.

3. Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Over the course of three decades, Dr. Gentempo has built one of the most reputable names within chiropractic by teaching doctors profound philosophical principles and business strategies.

In his early career, he operated a successful clinic. He later led the CLA Insight Subluxation Station and the Creating Wellness Alliance. In recent years, Dr. Gentempo’s launched several new ventures to support chiropractors, including the Circle of Docs, Ultimate Achievers Club and the Philosophy Formula.

2. Dr. Guy Riekeman

Dr. Riekeman has propelled Life University to become the largest and most successful chiropractic college in the world.

Before serving as President of Life University, where he’s recently been appointed Chancellor, Dr. Riekeman was the Vice President of Sherman College of Chiropractic and the Chancellor of Palmer Chiropractic College. Dr. Riekeman is a dynamic speaker, author of the book “Make Your Life Extraordinary” and has helped spread chiropractic throughout China, Italy, Australia and the U.K. But most impressively, he’s lead tens of thousands of students into the field of chiropractic.

1. Dr. Charles Majors

Dr. Majors passed away January 15, 2017, but his influence and impact continue to grow. He co-authored the book “The Cancer Killers,” lectured at conferences such as The Truth About Cancer, operated one of the most successful clinics in chiropractic history and coached thousands of chiropractors on how to become better doctors and leaders. Dr. Majors legacy lives on through his wife Andrea, daughters Reese, Hayden and entrepreneurial all-star sons Caleb and Austin, owners of Brothers Nuts.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more top chiropractors who are prominent leaders in the field:

  • Dr. Steven Judson was named the 2014 Sherman Chiropractic College chiropractor of the year and has been instrumental in the resurgence of Dynamic Essentials.
  • Dr. Paul Reed puts on one of the biggest and best chiropractic events on the West Coast at ChiroFest.
  • Dr. Jennifer Floriani, author of “Well Adjusted Babies,” and Dr. Edwin Cordero, president of Sherman Chiropractic College, have done great things for chiropractic as well.
  • While influential, chiropractors such as Dr. John Demartini, Dr. Dan Pompa, Dr. Pete Sulack and Dr. Matt Loop were not part of this list because their teachings are more specific to personal development, nutrition, ministry and marketing, but I do want to recognize these doctors for making a big impact.

There are many more top chiropractors who could have been referenced; we were excited to recognize these world changers for leading the chiropractic profession and healthcare forward.

Finally, if you want to discover the surprising science-backed benefits of chiropractic care, check out our article the 10 Researched Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments and get answers to all of your chiropractic questions in What is a Chiropractor?.


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