7 Essential Tips for New Chiropractic Students So You Don’t Kill Yourself


Whether you are starting Chiropractic College or getting ready to start your second year, this post is for you.

A common question that is asked by all students is, “what can I do to help ensure my success in chiropractic college? What are some tips that will help you succeed and get through the grind of the four years till graduation?”

We decided to take a moment and ask a few of our members this exact question; Here were the 7 best tips for new chiropractic students 

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

I remember my very first class at Palmer West and my teacher, Dr. Gerry Woggan entered the room and put a heap of books on the table and said this; “you will take over 2,000 exams while at your time here. You will fail some, you will pass most and you will not be able to do it alone. If you think you can get pass chiropractic school with straight A’s on every test, you are wrong!”

Ultimately what he was trying to say is that chiropractic college is meant to be difficult. It is meant to test your mental, physical and emotional aptitude, and it is ok if you have to choose between studying for your next test or hanging out with you family. Stay true to yourself and don’t beat yourself up for not getting straight A’s. Just do your best.

  1. Learn about your Chiropractic Roots

A common thing heard amongst many doctors once they get out in practice is, “Why did I not spend more time learning about the chiropractic philosophy of our forefathers?”  According to many students Chiropractic philosophy is just another class in the litany to take.  I would ask that you pause and really try to understand the journey of our forefathers and the conviction they had to chiropractic, many were put in jail for their beliefs. Would you go to jail today to remain a chiropractic student?  If you are lucky enough to absorb this sacred philosophy, chances are high you will succeed in practice.

  1. You’re not a Doctor, yet

While in school many of you want nothing more than to carry the title of doctor. I bet most of you have even tried signing your name with the Dr. title in front of it, right? Well, stop it! Your time is coming very soon, but don’t give off the impression that you know it all, just because you are in chiropractic college. Yes, your family may ask for some medical advice, tell them you’re a student and you don’t know or haven’t covered that subject yet. Don’t act like you know what you’re talking about. More often than not you may be giving them wrong advice and you could face some harsh repercussions if you do so.

  1. Get outside the Walls of your School

School can get boring and monotonous right? Same four walls, same classrooms, same not cute boy/girl sitting next to you, etc.  Get out!  Go and connect with other doctors here on COD and in the field.  Go hang out with them, shadow them in office, learn from them and ask questions.  I think you will find that many if not all will love having you come and absorb.

Another small point to make: Go take that seminar or go to that event.  While in school chances are your teachers are not in active practice or haven’t been in decades. Go to events and get that chiropractic fire in your belly lit. You will get stoked on chiropractic like never before.

  1. Always see the bigger picture

Chiropractic is not about microbiology, pap smears, red cell stains or reversed effects of Vitamin C on the body, but you need to know all of these things to pass your national boards, so learn them.  But take time and sit back and relish in what chiropractic is really about to you. Don’t get caught up in all the hoop la and remember why you wanted to be a chiropractor in the first place.

  1. Get copies of old exams

This is an important one here! Most of your teachers are really not industrious enough to create new tests and test questions for every class that passes through their halls. Not to mention that there is really only so many questions someone can ask on a certain topic, so ask others for the old tests.  Study, focus and learn about the topics most frequently asked on past exams and chances are those same questions will come up on your next test.

  1. Have Fun

All work and no play equates to burnout. You need time to decompress and get away from it all. Schedule time for exercise, relaxation and the occasional beer pong with your classmates. Chiropractic college is stressful enough on its own, so you need to find those things that allow you chill and relax.

I hope that these few tips will help you on your journey through school and you get the feeling that there is indeed more to life than the next class or test.  What are your favorite tips to help you in school?