If we told you that thousands of doctors across the world are using technology to make Chiropractic go viral, you probably would smile and say, “Chiropractors and the chiropractic profession can’t do that. They can’t even get on the same page about what Chiropractic is all about.”

And these critics would be WRONG!

Last month, Circle of Docs Founder Dr. Beau Pierce and Synpractic’s Jared Yellin teamed up to challenge doctors across the world to join something called: The Get Adjusted Movement.

Listen to the Interview

When they posed the question if doctors would commit to joining a 30 Day video based challenge to share their chiropractic story with their community, the community responded. Doctors signed up!

Over 6,200 of them to be exact.


Because we are Chiropractors, and we know the best way to connect with our community is by telling our stories about Chiropractic.

We are all unique in our own way and yes, we may have differing techniques and occasionally have differing opinions on philosophy, but we all share one underlying commonality; We love Chiropractic.

To give you a sense of what has taken place in just the first 3 days of the challenge, watch the video below as Day 4 of the #GetAdjusted Movement is underway.

There are literally thousands of videos from Chiropractors just like you posting videos every day to their personal and office Facebook and Twitter pages.

Take a look at this:



Are you part of the #GetAdjusted Movement? If not, you can still join.

It’s absolutely FREE

One last thing: If you still don’t think Chiropractic can go viral, check out this image below: This is from our data analysis center, aka a think tank, that analyzes various data. In the last week the #GetAdjusted has had a reach of over 200K people and has had 679K impressions on social media.

Think that this might have a reaching impact into our world and your community?  We think so…

AND…. It is only Day 4, we still have 26 more days left!

GA Reach

It’s time to take action Chiropractor!  Get off the sideline, Go to getadjustedmovement.com and sign up if you have not yet.  You will be given the exact blueprint that all of the doctors above are using to shoot and post their videos to social media.

Doctors, this is the way WE will elevate the Chiropractic profession! Grab your Iphone and start recording those videos!  We are here for you!

Written by: Dr. Beau Pierce