As a former athlete and one who is somewhat of a history buff I love to make correlations between military history and business.

As I was watching a clip from the movie 300 (I want to warn you that this clip is a bit graphic) I was drawn to a moment in a scene from the very first battle they encountered with the pursuing Persian army.

If you are not familiar with the movie it is about a small band of Spartan warriors (roughly 300) who’s land (Sparta) is being threatened invasion by the largest and most powerful army in the world, the Persians (their numbers are rumored to be over one million soldiers at the time of these battles).

The interesting talking point of the short clip above does not revolve around how many Persians the Spartans killed that first day (roughly 50,000), but a single act that served as a catalyst to spark the Spartan army into action.

Before you press play above, let me give you the back story:  When this battle started the Persian army was surging and pushing the Spartans back onto their haunches, when suddenly the Spartans did something.

Watch the clip and pay attention to what takes place at the 2:40 time mark.

What was it?  That’s right; the Spartans dug their feet into the ground, interlocked shields and laid claim to their territory.

Once interlocked, the Spartans were now a impenetrable force; able to fend off the oncoming attack and strike down the enemy!

You will see in the video that as one Spartan lunged out to strike the enemy, the next line of shields immediately covered up the exposed person. They worked together as one unit, striking and moving forward, taking back the ground that they had surrendered and ultimately winning the battle.


Is it now time that we as the chiropractic profession put our foot down in the sand, interlock our virtual shields and take back what we as a profession was founded upon?

I bet many of those Spartans that day had different ideas about the way a person should fight, the types of equipment to use and differing philosophies of war. But at that moment it was not about those things, it was about unity, one shield, and one collective movement to take back their rightful ground.

Think about this; If only one of those Spartan warriors would have disengaged or broken rank, then the entire force of interlocked shields would have been broken and each man forced to fight independently.

They surely would have been slaughtered!

If this was to have happened, it is very likely that no one would even know who the Spartans were and what they stood for today.

Luckily that was not the case.

Doctors, students and chiropractic profession I call on you to join us at Circle of Docs, under one virtual shield for everything chiropractic, to be part of the cause to protect and elevate the brand of Chiropractic.

Use Circle of Docs as your Sparta, rally together under one shield, because the chiropractic message is being threatened, and we must defend it.

If we do not embrace this opportunity then fear that which the Spartans faced from the Persians when they promised that a thousand nations would descend upon them and abolish them.

The 300 Spartans were few in numbers, yet mighty and fierce. We too as a profession are small in numbers, mighty in character and fierce with passion. Let’s rise together, because a circle of docs is stronger than a lonely one!


Written by: Dr. Beau Pierce