Behind the Scenes of The Certified Posture Expert Program


Here’s What You’re Going To Learn In This Certification Program

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Plus You’ll Get $3,300 In FREE BONUSES!

Bonus #1 : Corporate Posture Program:  $600


Want to start doing the Corporate Posture Program, how about Posture Workshops?  We have got you covered there too!  Bonus #1 is all about going corporate!  You will receive our Corporate Posture Program that we have used with real corporations to bring in 100s of patients!  You will receive the EBook: “How to Set Up Posture Talks: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Foot in the Door” that will guide you step by step how to get in with corporations to do the Corporate Posture Program!  Use the American Posture Institutes EXACT script given at live Corporate Talks.  Take our Presentation slides on top of that and deliver a raving posture talk!  Take exactly what we use every day and instantly get into corporate businesses.    This is a value of $600.

Bonus #2:   API’s Official Posture Workshop – Full Year Worth:  $1,500

But it doesn’t stop there, next is Bonus #2, all 12 of the American Posture Institutes Posture Workshops, including the Presentation Slides, the scripts, and the how to, all of which we use to grow our practice  exponentially and predictably every month.   Each Workshop includes actionable steps, scripts, presentation slides, and a whole lot more.    This is valued at $1500, but will earn you 100’s of thousands through the course of your career. 

Bonus #3:  Go To Expert Kit:  3 Advanced Courses:  $1,200

The certification will make you an Expert, once you have the expertise we want you to shine in your community as the Go-To Expert.  You will get the The Go-To-Posture Expert Kit, a value of $1200 for free!  What is included?  3 additional Advanced courses designed to give you the tools you need to conquer social media marketing, build a social media empire, and position yourself as the most sought after go to expert in your community:


2 hour advanced course that teaches you all the fundamentals on each social media platform, how to use them, where to be, and how to build an empire by being everywhere without spending all day doing it. 


Learn how to master the tools and online resources available to build a following, create your first blog, master social groups, and provide professional quality content, learn how to engage regularly by using automation tools and get more opt ins, and how to correctly place and target your marketing strategies to be everywhere and build a loyal following of dedicated fans where it matters. 


The step by step guide to becoming the go to expert.  Learn your Unique Expert Position, create your target niche, build an expert level presence, and use that expertise to gain authority and increase profits.  Includes the Ebook How to become the go to expert in 6 months or less. 

 Bonus #4: Lifetime Membership Into Posture Nation Elite



  • All future updates.
  • Enhancements and advances that are added to the Certification program.
  • Free access to a monthly advanced posture webinar
  • Huge discounts on posture products, software, and tools -Discounted rates on API’s Advanced Posture Courses -Exclusive TOP Resources for PNE Members only.
  • Networking opportunities with other Posture Experts
  • Opportunity to be included into PNE’s Top 25 Mastermind program

API’s Certified Posture Expert Program

This is our 30 Day, 100%, iron clad, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not 100% Satisfied with the American Posture Institutes, Posture Certification Course within the first 30 Days, simply send us and email and ask for a refund. We will refund every last penny, every red cent, the exact same day.


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