Cervical Facet Hyperplasia and the Cervical Lordosis Explained by Dr. Deed Harrison


Some Chiropractic researchers have hypothesized that facet and odontoid architecture variations can cause a reduction in cervical lordosis. To evaluate this hypothesis, the posterior aspect of the C2 dens, vertebral body corners, and superior and inferior facet surfaces of C2-C7 were digitized on 252 lateral cervical X-rays to calculate global angle, segmental angles, dens angle, facet angles, and facet height.
In this study by Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP Technique researchers; No correlation between facet angle, articular pillar height, and cervical curve was found. Similarly, no correlation between the sagittal angle of the dens and any angle of cervical curvature was found.
Thus conservative and surgical rehabilitative techniques aimed at the reduction of sagittal cervical deformities do not need to account for a patient’s architecture of the cervical facets nor odontoid.

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