COD 025: Dr. John Davila is The ICD 10 Master From Custom Chiro Solutions


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Summary:  Get ready for ICD-10 as it is here, now!  Today we sit down with Dr. John Davila from Custom Chiro Solutions as he gets you the latest insights into ICD-10 and gives you tips and strategies that will results in your practice growing and you getting paid for the work that you are doing.

Bio: Dr. John Davila

16b0ef6Dr. Davila regularly speaks on the topics of how to navigate Medicare; perform internal audits to reduce risk and manage the possibility of post-payment audits; implementation of internal insurance compliance programs; coding that complies with the “direct therapeutic relationship” standard; documentation that satisfies medical necessity; and how to properly comply with the Federal “Anti-Kick Back Statute” as it relates to advertising and marketing a chiropractic practice. The up-close familiarity of training and working with review nurses and policy-makers aided Dr. Davila to create insight that only a limited number of speakers can draw upon to help doctors implement these complex regulations. He is an expert in documentation and medical necessity, and considered the foremost authority on compliance issues as they relate to chiropractic practice. He is able to make this happen with a mix of true stories, referenced government policies and a sense of humor that will bring attendees a feeling of empowerment over the subject matter instead of fear.

Specialties:Insurance Compliance, New Practice Start Ups, Compliance Consulting, Building audit proof income for Chiropractors


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