Have you heard about the first ever national social media movement to hit Chiropractic in 2016?

Healthy USA 2020 is a social media campaign launched by COCSA (Congress of Chiropractic State Associations) at the Annual Convention and has been receiving fantastic feedback.

State ED’s and President’s are impressed with it’s ease of use, professional design and comprehensive promotional support.

There are two parts that make this campaign unique.

Here are the details:

First, the social media content created for this campaign is specifically designed for today’s most popular social networks such as Facebook and focuses on a consumer oriented messages of healthy living and what we think of as the chiropractic lifestyle.

amplogoSecond, the campaign is powered by AmpLIFEied which allows for every state association and chiropractors in every state to have easy access to a comprehensive social media library with one-click sharing to multiple social networks at once

This concept, content and technology are all first of their kinds. The campaign launched nationally ‪on 1/6/16  and will run through 12/31/2020 thanks to the leadership, vision and sponsorship and of Standard Process.


The three websites that support this campaign include www.HealthyUSA2020.com designed to illustrate to the public what the campaign is about, who’s sponsoring it and why it’s important.

The second site is www.ShareHealthyUSA2020.com for the chiropractic profession to learn how to grow their impact and practice through social media. In addition, the site offers a complete directory of every participating state  associations with direct links to become a member and to find their associations upcoming eventssp-logo-fb

The third site is www.PromoteHealthyUSA2020.com designed for each state association to have the promotional social media tools and resources for them to demonstrate that they are actively participating with every other state association to focus on the importance of amplifying the message that chiropractors are natural health leaders focused on creating a healthy USA by the year 2020.


Circle of Docs supports and encourages you to join the Healthy USA 2020 program and start sharing Chiropractic messages across all of your social channels.