The Adjustment Survey Results Are In… Shocking To Say The Least


Well, I hope for most of my colleagues out there this brightens the start of your week!

Let me frame this up (and this is worth the time to read)…

Patrick Gentempo Circle of DocsThe Adjustment is the core service the vast majority of chiropractors offer.  Countless millions of consumers have received adjustments worldwide every year.  And the age range is new born to 100+ years old.  And what types of people get adjusted?  People with every imaginable disease.  People who have musculoskeletal pain.  People who have no pain or diseases at all.  People who want to increase performance including marquis athletes and celebrities.  WOW!  Is there any wonder how there is intra and inter-professional controversy over this amazing service called the chiropractic adjustment?

I ran this past week a Global Chiropractic Survey.  1,290 DCs responded (thank you!).  And the VERY telling results are below.

The Results of The Adjustment Survey

Question 1: Do you prefer the term:

Adjustment:                          93.63%

Manipulation:                        1.40%

I do not have a preference: 4.97%


Question 2: Do you think there is a significant difference between and adjustment and a manipulation?

Yes, for sure:                      83.02%

No, not at all:                       10.28%

There is a minor difference.  6.70%


Question 3: Is the adjustment the primary service you offer in your office?

Yes: 95.57%

No:   4.43%


Question 4: What range of impact do you think the adjustment has?

Musculoskeletal pain only:                                                2.33%

MSK pain and visceral function:                                       1.79%

MSK pain, visc. function + gen. health and wellness: 95.88%


Question 5: Have you experienced radical health changes (“chiro miracles”) in some of your patients, as a direct result of the adjustment

 Yes, for sure:                                                              90.50%

No, never:                                                                     2.34%

Maybe, but I am not convinced it was the adjustment: 7.17%


Question 6: Which do you think is more important?

 The technique being used:  6.07%

The skills of the chiro using the technique: 93.93%


Question 7: Are you frustrated with the variations you get in results from patient to patient?

 Yes, it is very frustrating.                                                 22.95%

No, my results are pretty consistent.                          45.59%

Even though my results vary a lot, I don’t get frustrated. 31.54 %


Do you think that this represent the profession accurately? What questions would you have added?  In your opinion is our profession headed in the right direction?